Starting Off With A Bang – Literally 5/15/2010

This morning’s post was going to be all about our last day of packing and our last night at the lake with friends, and I will get to that – but first . . . .
I spent the day in Albany Thursday getting ready for our trip north on Saturday.  I took my Mom’s car in to get the oil changed and get it “spiffed up” to leave here for Blake to drive when he gets back from China in July.  I ran tons of errands, got my toes done, got my gray roots covered and my hair cut.  I picked Bear up at the groomer’s and started home around 4 p.m.
I have been having problems with sleepiness for about a year and a half now – and I really battle it when I’m driving (or riding in the car).  I think I am on too many blood pressure meds, since I still take the same meds I did when I worked.  I’ve talked with my doc about this, but he’s so happy to see my blood pressure “low” instead of “off the charts high” that he doesn’t want to mess with it.  Anyway, the “sleepy” problem has been with me for over a year now.
I battled going to sleep all the way home from Albany.  Within 1/2 mile from our house, I fell asleep and ran off the road.  A witness standing in his yard said I hit some railroad ties around his mailbox and went airborne.  When I woke up I was speeding through a wall of bushes. For an instant, I couldn’t understand what in the world had happened or where I was.  I finally realized I still had my foot on the accelerator instead of the brake and hit the brake – slowly, by some miracle.  I traveled over 600 feet before I stopped.
Bear had bounced all over the backseat, but was fine.  I am fine also except for some soreness where the seatbelt held me.  The airbag did not go off. 
The witness said I stayed in a straight line through the bushes the entire time – avoiding the huge pine trees that lined the bushes just three feet away.    I destroyed his flower garden (along with a half-barrel filled with flowers) and also took out a big garbage can.  I truly know that God was riding with me (maybe my Mom too).  
The car is a mess – I lost the driver’s side rear-view mirrow, the thingy under the front of the car that keeps you from going over curbs, the radiator is bent, and the hood, roof and side and all scratched up.  It certainly could have been worse.

Ted and I rode to the post office on Friday afternoon and passed where it happened.  What is amazing is that in the five miles that our street is long, we couldn’t find another spot where I could have run off the road and walked away without serious injury.  That stretch where it happened is the only one we found where telephone poles, drop-offs (that would have flipped me), and pine trees were not in what would have been my path.  Even I did not realize exactly where I went off the road until Ted showed me.  I traveled a long way in a straight shot, never veering even an inch from side to side.  I am feeling so blessed right now.

The insurance company recommended a wonderful paint and body shop in Americus and I contacted them about our situation – us leaving for Michigan on Saturday.  They picked the car up this morning with the wrecker, will fix it, and will bring it back to our house sometime before Blake arrives in July.  Amazing customer service!
We certainly hope this will be the end of our “excitement” for this trip. 


Friday night we went out to eat dinner with some of our dear friends from the lake.  I am still finding it hard to believe that the winter is over, and it’s time to leave again.  These friends mean so much to us, and we will miss them over the summer.  Hopefully, some of them will find their way north in the next few months.

Ralph, Samille, Ed and Sally - Dinner at T.J.'s


Marianne and Cecil


Dawn, Stevie and Marianne

We love you and miss you already!


Can’t promise a post from the road tonight, but I will try.  We are going by to see Jason Saturday afternoon in Atlanta, then continue on into Tennessee for the night.   We’ll be above Ann Arbor, MI Sunday night, then on the island by noon on Monday – if all goes as planned.  Please pray for safe travels for us on our journey.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” . . . Henry Miller



19 thoughts on “Starting Off With A Bang – Literally 5/15/2010

  1. Safe Jouneys! My brother-in-law who used to pilot the the Beaver, when given the choice of those zippity catamarans the Arnold line has now or the good old chugalong Huron, would chose the Huron, because sometimes the journey itself is as important as the destination. When I think of the trip you undertake this morning, right up the middle of this amazing country from bottom to top so to speak, I am reminded of his belief. I really DO wish I were on your luggage rack, and not just because of your destination!

    • Beautifully said, Irene. And I wish you were going with us also. Would love to listen to your stories of island life all the way up I-75.

  2. Brenda,

    I’m so sorry to hear about your altercation with that man’s garden, but I’m also very glad it wasn’t any worse and that you can still come north.

    I don’t know if you’ll be glad or sad about our cool weather. Yesterday afternoon, Faye & I were mowing the grass and with the temperature about 65 and a strong wind out of the northwest, we almost froze. Today, I’ll mow my mother in law’s yard, but it will be much less windy with about the same temp.

    I certainly wish you a safe trip to The Island. Please stay on the road. On second thought, it might be a good idea to have Ted do all the driving.

    • Oh, Lowell – it’s been in the 90’s here for over a week, with humidity in the thousands (or so it seems). 65 sounds like Heaven to me. Ted (as always) will do most of the driving (he thinks I’m a slow-poke), but I might be able to stay awake long enough to help out a little bit. Will be in your beautiful state on Sunday, and on the island on Monday – good Lord willing.

  3. I am so glad that you are alright! It gave me goosebumps to read about what happened. You surely had your guardian angel along for that ride! Have fun on your trip and I can’t wait to hear about what’s happening on Mackinac Island this summer!

  4. So glad that you are alright! Your guardian angel was certainly with you. Have a safe trip north. Will be looking forward to you writing about the trip and arrival on the Island.

  5. I’m glad you’re OK too. But you really need to figure out the sleep thing. There are sleep doctors all over that could help. I say this with the utmost respect, but from a place of pain. My dad was killed by a semi driver who fell asleep at the wheel. It’s not a thing to take lightly, and I hope you can get some help from your doctor now that you’ve experienced this wake up call (so to speak!) – Dawn King

    • I’m so sorry that you learned how dangerous this is in such a tragic way, Dawn. I admit that I had been taking it a little lightly until this happened. One of the first things I thought was, “What if someone had been walking down the road?” I will certainly get it checked out. Thank you for your concern and for the very good advice.

      • Glad you’ll get it checked! I’m SO in awe that you get to live on the ISLAND during the summer! What a COOL lifestyle! Enjoy!

  6. You know I will be sending prayers and good thoughts your way as you travel to the island. Take your time, be careful and arrive safe.
    So happy that your accident wasn’t worse then it was and that you and Bear are both fine.

  7. It is very scary to think what might have happened. The good Dr. can’t rely on angels to keep you safe and either needs to add something to keep you awake or tinker with your meds under close supervision. Either that or Ted needs to start driving Ms. Daisy. Have an uneventful trip. We love you and can hardly wait to see you.

  8. Safe driving north bound. Glad to hear also that both you and Bear are okay. Like a policeman told me after my car accident that you can replace a car but not yourself. Take care.

  9. We all know that Brenda and Ted believe in the Lord and in prayer. Please say a prayed for their safe trip back to Mackinac Island when you think of them.

  10. Been praying for you and Ted, for a safe trip and a trip with lots of good memories…that means more stories for us!! 🙂 Glad that you and Bear are ok..praying that you are not too sore and stiff after your “incident”!!
    Looking forward to hearing from you when you get to the “Island”!!
    God Bless…

  11. So glad you and Bear are o.k., thank God! Will pray for a safe journey for you and Ted. I’m sure you will love our MI weather after all that humidity in GA! God Bless….Judy

    • Thanks, Judy. You are right. Looking forward to something cooler, although I’m hearing it’s downright cold right now.

  12. Wow didn’t know you had such an experience driving, that would scare me to death. Glad all is well, car, Bear and you. Take care on the island, miss you and Ted, see you when you get back.

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