Pulling a Snail Off a Rock 5/13/2010

Anne Morrow Lindbergh once asked, “Is there anything as horrible as starting on a trip?  Once you’re off, that’s all right, but the last moments are earthquake and convulsion, and the feeling that you are a snail being pulled off your rock.”

I’m right there with you, Anne.  The last three days before we leave for Mackinac (and the last three days before we leave Mackinac coming back home) are exactly like I am being pulled off my rock.  It’s horrible.  I pack, and I sniffle (how can I leave friends for 6 months?); I pack some more, and I sniffle some more (what if the house is robbed or burns down?); I pack more and work myself up to a real cry (how can I possibly get every stitch of clothing I own into my allowed three suitcases?).  Oh, I know once we’re on the road, everything will be fine.  It’s just getting on the road that drives me berserk!

I am seriously counting down the days now – actually, I’m counting hours.  Today has been a non-stop detail day, but at least I’ve checked off several items on my “gotta do it before we leave” list.  Here’s a few examples . . .

  1. Packed seven months of heartworm/flea prevention meds for Maddie and Bear.  Also packed seven months of Bear’s meds for his thyroid condition (so he won’t blow up like a balloon over the summer).
  2. Packed seven months of meds for Ted and I.
  3. Updated house instructions for anyone who might be coming in and out over the summer – alarm info, hot water info, etc.
  4. Forwarded mail.
  5. Canceled DSL and cable.
  6. Shipped boxes (three in all – much better than seven last year).
  7. Packed dog food, dog toys, dog beds, dog treats, dog shampoo & conditioner, dog leashes, dog collars, dog harnesses, dog shot records, dog hair blower, and dog pedicure wheel (yes, they have their own suitcase).
  8. Packed checkbook and debit card (VERY important).
  9. Packed books/magazines/catalogs.
  10. Packed keys for Michigan condo and P.O. Box on island.

. . . well, you get the picture.  That’s 10 out of 51 items on the list, but I’ve actually checked off about half of those 51 today.  Yeah!!!  Ted asked me if I’d like to go out to eat at Daphne’s tonight instead of tomorrow night, and I said “Sure”.  So the post today is going to be pictures of the island taken by Jill as she has wandered around before work this week.  Thanks, Jillski, for letting me “borrow” these photos.  They show some of the “behind the scenes” goings-on that visitors aren’t normally around to see because they happen before the “official” beginning of tourist season, which is Memorial Day weekend.

There are a lot of school field trips to the island during the month of May. These porters are bringing luggage back to the ferry docks for a group of children who had just spent a couple of days exploring the island.

A hay wagon and a Grand Hotel omnibus pass each other near the Little Stone Church.

Snowmobiles on the way to storage. I guess that means winter is officially over!

The Grand Hotel hackneys - out for a little spin to loosen up those muscles. The horses stay off island during the winter.

The Grand Hotel stable crew - excellent horsemen all (thanks to the Grand Hotel website for this photo).

Tubs and tubs of ice cream being delivered by dray. From the pink awning in the upper right corner, I would say it's Ryba's Fudge Shop receiving all that creamy goodness.


The tulips are just beginning to bloom at Mission Point Resort. Please, please, please don't be gone when we get there!

Looking down from the fort toward the Mission District. Wow! Everything looks brand new again! I love Spring!

When you get a free minute today, please check out a new site I’ve added to my blogroll – Mackinac Island Insider Tips at http://www.mackinac-island-insider-tips.com/.  Two new island friends, Marcia and Jackie, have started this wonderful blog filled with everything you ever wanted to know about the island.  And, they’ve been gracious enough to add this blog to their site.  Once you get there, you can link to items added by Bree from the menu on the left side of the front page – I’ve posted under “Pictures” and “Stories and Tributes”, and the girls have given me my own link on their “Vacation Links” page.  Thanks, Marcia and Jackie, for your great site!

I’ll be in Albany all day on Thursday, so there won’t be a blog on Friday morning.  I do plan to post a blog on Saturday morning before we leave for Atlanta.  TWO DAYS, and we are on our way.   This snail is about to leave her rock.


10 thoughts on “Pulling a Snail Off a Rock 5/13/2010

  1. Hi Brenda! Fred and I are heading to Mackinaw City on the 28th to take in the Memorial Day weekend reenactment pageant!! Staying until Tuesday so will be over on the Island probably Sunday or Monday. Talked to Alyssa last night and she has started her new job at Doud’s and likes it!! She said someone came in and asked her if she was Alyssa?? And she thought it was Jill from the bookstore!! Small world huh?? Jill told her she had heard about Alyssa on your blog from Alyssa’s mom and grandma!! Thanks for your blog Brenda!! Blessings to you and Ted as you finish your preparations for coming North!!

    • I bet it was Jill, Alice. She’s the official good will ambassador of Mackinac Island and knows everyone and everything!

  2. Love the pictures! The tulips are gorgeous.

    How funny, I already have that site added and have read different articles already. Great tips!

    Won’t be long now Brenda..you’re almost there! 🙂

  3. I love that Bear & Maddie have their own suitcase – how sweet.
    The pictures are awesome! The inside of the Stone Church is so peaceful and the stained glass just beautiful. I love seeing the way the guys dress up for the Grand Hotel – it really makes you feel you have gone back in time when you see them drive by.
    Have fun finishing up the packing!

  4. Bree…you’re STRESSING ME OUT, just reading everything you have to do BEFORE SATURDAY!!!
    You’ll have to QUIT BLOGGING & GET BUSY PACKING…& don’t forget to REST…I feel like I’m getting ready to move to Mackinac all over AGAIN!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey to the island with us!! Have a safe travel and tell Jill we love the pictures!

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