A Really Fast Beach Trip 5/12/2010

Wow!  Talk about a fast trip to the beach! 

But you know what?  It was worth every speedy minute just to see Julie and our grandchildren, Jordan and Matthew, for a few hours.  With their plans uncertain about whether they will be able to make the trip north this summer, we just couldn’t let the opportunity go by to see them – while they were four hours away on vacation at Panama City Beach – instead of 14 hours away in Arkansas. 

So off we went Monday morning – first to the kennel, where we left two very unhappy dogs in full pout.  Maddie and Bear looked at us through those cage doors like we had just left them for the rest of their natural lives in the most horrible place on the planet.  We knew better though.  Marsha, at Mardon Kennels, has been keeping our motley crew of dogs for years, and we know she treats them like pampered little kings and queens.  It was still hard to leave them though, especially when those eyes are looking at you like, “We promise we will be good forever if you’ll just take us with you!”  Little do they know that in a few days we will be off for another long trip north, and they will most certainly be traveling with us.  Don’t you wish you could explain things like that to your four-legged babies, so they wouldn’t have to worry so much!

I’m not going to write a lot tonight, because after the trip home this afternoon, I am one T-I-R-E-D camper.  But, I will post some pics of our beach trip below – with captions. 

Dinner last night at The Back Porch with Matthew, Julie, and Jordan.

Ted and I had not been to Panama City Beach since Pier Park opened. It is a huge complex that reminds me a little of downtown Miami - with shops, restaurants, music, and lots of nightlife.

Could not believe this! Right across the street from The Back Porch was a Kilwin's, which we have on Mackinac Island also! You could ask inside for a "sample" of the "world famous Mackinac Island fudge."

Ice cream at Pier Park!

Breakfast this morning at Another Broken Egg in Grayton Beach

Our sweet grandchildren - Matthew and Jordan.

The condo in the middle of this photo was ours until 1995. We sold it after Hurricane Opal hit.

Our condo was across the street from the beach, and we used this walkover to get to the ocean. The condo we stayed in Monday night is owned by a friend in that same complex.

The beach was so beautiful today - white, white sand and blue seas - no oil anywhere, thank the good Lord. We pray it stays that way.

You gotta love the beach, especially in May when the temps are in the 70's, and there's a cool ocean breeze.

Seagulls - checking out the sand for food morsels.

Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach


Ted and I were so excited to see that the dunes, with their beautiful sea oats, are slowly being reestablished. When we sold the condo, erosion had all but destroyed the dunes along this particular stretch of beach.



Four days and counting till we leave: 

  1. Wednesday:  Actually move clothes from bed to suitcases.
  2. Thursday:  Full day in Albany – Bear to groomer, pedicure and hair cut for me.
  3. Friday:  Repack everything I packed on Wednesday – and go out to eat with friends from the lake.
  4. Saturday:  On the road.

11 thoughts on “A Really Fast Beach Trip 5/12/2010

  1. With you every step of the way. I can feel the sea breeze,the hugs, those puppy eyes, and the whole packing and repacking thing. Soon…

  2. So glad you got to spend time with Julie and your grandkids before you left. There is a special love between grandparents and grandkids, that I never realized until I had my own grandchild. You just love them to death and miss them so when you can’t see them.
    Love the windblown picture of you Brenda, you shine!
    Can’t wait to get to the island with you. Want to hear about everything thats going on there. You, Ted, Bear and Maddie have a safe trip and take lots of pictures. Silly me, of course you will . 😉

  3. I can’t believe it’s time for you guys to move up north already. Time just seems to evaporate lately. I can’t wait to read more about the island again!

    • You know what they say about time flying when you’re having fun, Tom! And we have definitely had a fun winter in Georgia. I am already missing our friends and family here though, and we haven’t even left yet. Hopefully, some of them will be coming north over the summer. Good to hear from you!

  4. Your grandchildren look like sweeties! And the beach pictures are beautiful! Have fun packing…and repacking…and repacking to make everything fit 🙂
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Wow, the beach looked gorgeous! Don’t think we’ll make that trip this summer. And your grandchildren are precious. Glad you had time with them.
    Counting down the days till our first Mackinac Island visit. Leaving two weeks from Friday and can’t wait! Getting very acquainted with the island through your posts from last summer. They are great.

  6. Well, you all look great and like you are having fun! Don’t the grandchildren grow FAST at their ages?

    Had a nice lunch with Judy yesterday. Nice to see her again on her way to see her daughter enroute to the Island!!

    Have a safe trip. Reading you blog has made the winter seem shorter for me. It seems you just left the Island, now you are returning! Wishing you and Ted a safe journey and have fun along the way and take care of yourselves!!! As always, enjoyed your photos!! Judy, Ann Arbor

  7. I love the picture of you trying not to be blown away on that gorgeous beach!!! I can’t believe that have a Kilwin’s in Florida. It’s like a Wall Drug sign being in like South Carolina or something. Kilwin’s has yummy ice cream (which we had in Mac City). Wow..small world

  8. That picture from Kilwin’s cracked me up. Go to Florida to see Mackinac Island Fudge. I have friends who work in Panama City I’m going to have to ask if they have been there.

    Looking forward to your travels up north. When you go by exit 173 in Linwood MI wave, I’m only 5 miles down the road on Lake Huron/Saginaw Bay.

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