Where’s My Parachute! 04/05/2010

No, I’m not quite frustrated enough to jump out of a plane – but almost! 

For the third time in less that a year, my laptop has crashed, and I am posting this from Ted’s tiny Acer notebook.  I used this little notebook half the summer to blog from the island (after crash #2), but it’s really only slightly better than blogging from a Blackberry.  So, Ted and I are going to Albany on Monday to look into buying a new laptop – I refuse to even consider a FOURTH motherboard for my old laptop.

I hope to be up and running with something new before the end of the week.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend – have a great Monday, and stay tuned!



3 thoughts on “Where’s My Parachute! 04/05/2010

  1. Sooooooooo sorry you are having computer problems at this point in time, not that there is really a GOOD time to have them! I do hope you find a great new one you will feel really at home with. We will be holding our breath until we hear from you again.

    I think it is wonderful that you feel good enough to SHOP!!! Don’t get too frisky now, and do take care. Hello to Ted and your wonderful dogs.
    Good luck. Judy, Ann Arbor

  2. AGAIN?!?!? I think someone should pay you to buy a new laptop, it’s only fair after all of your troubles.

    Glad to hear you are up, around and feeling good. I can’t wait until you’re back on the island. Have a great day Bree, now I’m off to read your other blog:)

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