A Memory Book from a Friend 03/30/2010

“Were you expecting a package from Jane Kemp in Minnesota?” Ted asked, as he brought the mail onto the sunporch this afternoon.  I had been about to doze off and sleepily said, “No.”

“Well, she sent you a box,” he said, handing it over. 

You remember Jane.  She is the blog reader who gave her mom a “Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog” book for Christmas last year.  She also sends in wonderful recipes nearly every week for the Friday Recipe Day post. This time last year I didn’t know there was a Jane Kemp in Minnesota – or anywhere else.  Now I count her as a special friend.

I opened the box to find this note atop lots of plastic stuffing paper.  “Hi Bree. Hope this finds it’s way to you, and that I got the correct address . . Bear did say he lived on Flintside Drive, and I only found one Horton on Lake Blackshear!  As soon as you said you were having surgery, I had this idea . . for a little memory book to peek at while you make your recovery.  I hope you and Ted enjoy it – as you begin to make plans for another trip to the island.  Your friend in Minnesota, Jane.”

Inside the box I found what you will see below – page after page of scrapbooked material telling the whole story of Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog and our summer on the island last year.  I immediately emailed Jane to thank her.  As I said to Jane, “years and years after Bree’s Blog is just a fuzzy memory in my already fuzzy old brain, I will be able to pick up this beautiful book and relive it all again.”  I hope you enjoy paging through it as much as I have.  Everytime I turn the pages, I find something new, and it will be going with me to the island this summer – and home again in the fall. 

The Cover


Pages 1 & 2 - From the Beginning


Pages 3 & 4 - Special Times


Pages 5 & 6 - At Home on the Island


Pages 7 & 8 - Summer Words


Pages 9 & 10 - Island Pictures


Pages 11 & 12 - Sons and Daughter


Pages 13 & 14 - Family Blessings - Jason & Blair, Blake, Julie & Matt, Jordan & Matthew


Pages 15 & 16 - More Family


Pages 17 & 18 - Simple Things


Pages 19 & 20 - Maddie and Bear . . . and Horses


Pages 21 & 22 - Thank You for Friends - Mike, Sandi & Tommy, and Dawn & Stevie


Pages 23 & 24 - More Friends - Chris Ann, Pat, Chief Don "Duck" Andress - and TV Star, Mike Rowe


Pages 25 & 26 - A Love and Horses . . . including McGyver!


Pages 27 & 28 - Just for Jill

Pages 29 & 30 - Fairytales Do Come True - Winter Festival

Thank you, Jane from Minnesota, for a gift I will cherish forever.  God bless.

5 thoughts on “A Memory Book from a Friend 03/30/2010

  1. What a sweet surprise… The internet is sush a wonderful way to communicate, but i guess I’m old fashioned in a way. I still love getting letters & surprise packages in the mail.

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