A Monday Teaser 1/08/2010

Hello Bree’s Mackinac Island Blog friends!
It seems I’ve been away from posting to this blog forever, but I just wanted to post this header photo to give a little glimpse of things to come on Monday, January 11.  Our friends, Matt and Laurie Heikkila – from Ohio – spent the New Year’s holiday on the island.  They own a condo in our complex (they are actually our upstairs neighbors), and have three beautiful daughters.  They also have Demon and Miika, two awesome sled dogs who actually got to do what they were bred for during their winter holiday – mush!  Lots more pictures and lots of island news coming on Monday, so don’t forget to tune in.  There will also be more information on the planned Winter Festival trip for Dawn, Jill, Mike, and myself the first weekend in February. We are SO excited! 
See you Monday, and God bless!

Miika and Demon, dreaming of pulling their sled through the snow-covered trails on Mackinac Island.



7 thoughts on “A Monday Teaser 1/08/2010

  1. What gorgeous dogs! I would love a ride on a sled through the woods. Would like to see what the restaurant (in the woods) looks like in the middle of all the beautiful snow!

    Missed your blog while you were gone. Hope the weather in GA does not get too bad for you all. We have about 4″ of snow here in Ann Arbor. The sun was smiling for a while today…..very pretty!!


    • Hi Judy! If I can get a ride up to “The Woods” while we’re on the island in Feb., I will get that picture for you of the restaurant.

  2. I just found your Mackinac Island website. I live just 2.5 hours south from the Island and it’s one of my happy places. Thanks for the updates regarding the island, they are great. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Hi Mary, and Welcome! I hope you will go back into the achives and start at the beginning of this little journey to the island back in May, 2009. Happy reading and so glad you found me!

  3. Hi Bree!! Beautiful dogs!!! I love this blog soooo much! Can;t wait for more pictures and how you managed to swing going to the island in the winter!! Take Care!

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