Just Saying Hi From Arkansas 1/04/2010

Header:  Thanks to Liz at http://quiltedturtle.blogspot.com for this photograph she took in February 0f 2008 of a man crossing the Ice Bridge on a bike.

Hello from Arkansas! 

I don’t have a Mackinac Island Update for you today, but I promise there will be a great one next Monday, Jan. 11.  We have friends who have been on the island over New Year’s, and they sent great pictures I’ll be sharing with you next week.

If you want to catch up on what our family has been doing over the holidays, you can go to http://bree1976.wordpress.com.  We are in Arkansas right now, in the middle of a snow event that has kept us here longer than we expected.  We were supposed to be in New Orleans tonight, and we hope to be able to leave for there Monday morning.  That remains to be seen.

See you on Jan. 11 with new island pictures and plans for our visit to the island for Winter Festival.  God bless.


One thought on “Just Saying Hi From Arkansas 1/04/2010

  1. Hi Bree! Glad you and your family are well. I will be looking forward to your next blog on Jan.11th! I like the header picture with the bike!!! Happy New Year my friend!


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