Snow Pictures – Day Two 12/09/09

NOTE:  Today’s header is compliments of Jill Sawatzki.  It shows how hard the wind was blowing last weekend on the island.

Jill made it home on Monday and downloaded a ton of photographs so I’d have another day of snow pictures to post.  I’m just going to put these up with captions.

Driving north from Lansing, MI to Mackinac Island, Jill saw lots of snow and icy roads.

There were still a few bicycle-riders pedaling around downtown Friday afternoon, when Jill, Diane, and Bonnie arrived.

At the Christmas Bazaar, Trish Martin's handpainted Mackinac Island tree ornaments were selling like crazy!

Hand-carved reindeer - another "must-have" from the Christmas Bazaar. These were made by Dr. Karen, the resident physician at the Mackinac Island Medical Center.

Being from the North Pole, Santa felt right at home on Mackinac Island Friday afternoon!

Saturday night on Main Street.

The Chippewa Hotel and the Pink Pony - no one's home, but they left the lights on!

Winter wonderland.

"Who moved the water?"

Snowmobiles line Market Street outside the Christmas Bazaar.

Yes, there is a snowplow on the island. When snow falls in feet instead of inches, it is a necessity.

That’s all I have for now.  I probably won’t post anything else to this site until Monday, Dec. 14.  But you never know!  I know Jill has more pictures, and I hear a BIG snowstorm – a blizzard is rumored – is heading for the island.  So, you might want to check back in a few days.  God bless.


11 thoughts on “Snow Pictures – Day Two 12/09/09

  1. It’s no rumor Brenda. It has started. They’re suppose to be getting 12+ inches on the island. We are on the tail end of it here in northern Indiana with a wind warning and winter weather advisory. We got about an inch of snow this evening but it’s turned to sleet and rain now, more icy than anything here. The southern air is keeping it from snowing any further here. The island is definately getting it though. They will have a lot of snow on top of what they already got. I would just love to be there in it. It’s sooo beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much, Bree, for posting these, and Jill, etc. for taking them! Wonderful pictures – and much clearer than the shots from the Main Street Cam! ;-))

  3. Enjoyed the pictures….just beautiful. Ann Arbor is supposed to get 1-3 inches. We have some icy spots. Nothing like the island!

    I love the tree in the MIDDLE of Main St.

    Judy, Ann Arbor

  4. Om my goodness! I am so happy to have seen these beautiful pictures today! Thankyou so much for posting them! I wish I was there also!!!

  5. OMGosh, yes it was windy even down to us. That wind was biting. Jack Frost nipping at your nose would be putting it mildly for last weekend.Wind chills were -15. Many ended up without power here and one woman got trapped in her car just down the road from us when a tree fell on her car. She was uninjured but emergency had to cut her out of the car. She was very lucky since it looked like the tree fell right on the roof between the front seats. Now we’re suppose to get a heat wave. High of 40 for tomorrow. It looks like the island has a flood watch because of the warm up.

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