It was a dark and stormy Wednesday. 10/22/09

Alert!  Alert!  Alert!  Yesterday I said the Island Bookstore was closing Wednesday (10/21/09), and the Grand Hotel was closing Monday (10/26/09).  BOTH WRONG!

The Island Bookstore AND the Grand Hotel close on Tuesday, October 27.  Jill had said that Wednesday was HER last day to work, and somehow that computed that the bookstore was closing Wednesday.  Sorry for the confusion, but now we have it right!

Bear had a grooming appointment today.  Wouldn’t you know that on one of the three worse weather days since we got here, I would have to take him in for a shampoo and set!  When I heard the weather report, I seriously considered rescheduling, but it had to be done this week – Thursday was out (haircut for me), and Friday’s forecast was not only for rain, but for a wintry mix also.  Next week we will be busy packing, so I couldn’t take a day off to go to Cheboygan.  So today it was!

It was drizzling when we got up, and the closer it got to time to leave, the wetter it got.  I had to be on the 11 a.m. ferry to get to Cheboygan by noon.  I called the taxi, and Bear and I made it to the dock with no problem – and very little rain damage.  I wish I could say the same for the rest of the day.

When we pulled away from the dock, the windows were foggy, the ferry was almost empty, and Bear settled down right away for the ride over. 






As we pulled away from the marina, the clouds were hanging low over the island, promising more rain in the very near future.




The trip over was not bad at all, and soon Bear and I were heading toward Cheboygan.  Don’t tell Ted that I took these pictures while I was driving, but I wanted to show you some of the color between Mackinaw City and Cheboygan. The closer we got, the darker it got, and the more it rained. 






I dropped Bear off at Bark, Bath, and Beyond and drove back over the bridge into Cheboygan to stop at Linde’s Furniture.  Ted and I had made some decisions about furniture, and  I needed to finalize the details.  After that, I went to Walmart (of course), ate lunch at the Subway there, and did some shopping.  I mainly just killed time until I could go back and pick up Bear.  The weather was not looking good, and if I didn’t make the 4:30 ferry, I would have to find a park bench to sleep on in Mackinac City.  Or maybe Chris Ann would have let us bunk at her place.

I headed back to the doggy salon, and it was still raining as I drove through Cheboygan.   I pulled into the parking lot, and got out in time to see the drawbridge go up, letting a boat pass through on the Cheboygan River.




Bark, Bath, and Beyond is the neatest place – and no, they did not paint their walls a special color just for Halloween.  The place is bright and happy, and Bear has learned to love it.  Ray and Kim are the owners, and Bear has become a favorite (I think because he knows not to sit down in the bathtub – that’s important when you are a 90-lb ball of fur).  They treat Bear so well that he has changed from a cowering “gotta get an elephant to pull him out of the truck”  to a “wagging tail, jump right out” doggie when we arrive.  He still won’t go into the back with them until I walk out the door and close it, but that’s ok – we can live with that.  Ray and Kim have two resident cats that greet everyone when you walk in – Bear has no trouble with either – he basically ignores them.  Ray told me both their names today – twice I think – and for the life of me, I can’t remember either one – but they are both such sweeties.








Bear was ready to go, looking all beautiful like he always does when they have worked their magic on him.  We all said another one of those “see you in the spring” farewells, and Bear and I started back to Mackinac City to catch the ferry.  The weather got worse and worse the further we went.






Now, I wish I had more pictures to show you for the rest of the trip home, but there was no way I was using my camera in the “flood” that came after I shot that last picture on the road.  We pulled into the ferry dock, and it was like a monsoon.  One of the dock porters told me to just wait in the truck – he was going to send the shuttle to pick us up and take us to the ferry.  So nice.  But, just getting out of the truck and getting Bear out of the back – we got pretty wet.  We jumped on the shuttle, which was full.  A nice gentleman got up and sat next to the driver so I could sit down.  Everyone on the shuttle wanted Bear to come see them.  I warned them he was wet, and he was going to cover them in yellow hair.  They didn’t care.  So Bear walked up and down the shuttle, spreading love and fur all around.

We got on the ferry – you know when the ferry workers wear this much raingear, it is RAINING!


I had called for a taxi, and it was waiting when we arrived.  Bear is used to jumping aboard and having a whole seat to spread out on.  Not today.  With so few taxis running now, they stay full.  Bear and I sat on one seat with two other ladies and a baby in a baby carrier.  Bear was folded half in two between me and the lady on the end, with his head and front feet and legs in my lap, and his rump smashed up against her – thank goodness she liked dogs!  That taxi was carrying 9 adults, 1 huge dog, and a  little baby.  It was raining, and the wind was blowing.  Bear and I were in the middle, and of course, we were the first ones who had to get out.  We were very glad to get home.

I took Bear up to the second floor and got out the doggy hair dryer and blew him dry again.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow, and the weather report is the same as for today.  Maybe I’ll just leave out that doggy hair dryer until I get home from MY appointment.

NOTE:  Thanks so much to Liz at for sharing the beautiful photograph I used as the header tonight.  She captured the double rainbow, arching up into the storm clouds over the Straits of Mackinac, a couple of weeks ago.


13 thoughts on “It was a dark and stormy Wednesday. 10/22/09

  1. I am such a cold rain chicken. I had beds made and ready “just in case” and kept my phone near by for the call if you missed the ferry. I contemplated driving to the ferry dock at 4:00 with that cup of hot coffee but sorry my friend,I just could not tear myself away from the roaring fire, 😦 See ya’ll in the spring…

    • I don’t blame you one bit. It was a really raw day, and if I had had any other option, I would NOT have been out in it! What you were doing sounds absolutely divine. We are looking at electric fireplaces for next year – can’t have a real one here. We have a little wood burning stove on our sunporch in Georgia. Can’t wait to get there and start a fire (although it will probably be January before we need one)! Safe travels, my friend, and good Lord willing, see you in the spring! (We still have a date at the burrito bar.)

  2. Sorry to see you had such nasty weather yesterday. Here in Northern Indiana it was a beautiful fall day. High of about 70 with sun and clouds. We spent the day finishing the closing of our cottage and putting the pontoon into storage. Sad to see the season end. Today the rains will be here.

    • Sounds like you had the same kind of day our friends in Ga. were having. One friend sent a beautiful sunset picture from their pontoon boat. The good thing is we will get home with at least 1-2 months left of “river riding” left. We have been known to take the boat out on Christmas day – but that is unusual, not the norm.

  3. Your day sounded like the day we had in Mackinaw City the end of September..that Friday that everyone was talking about how rough the lake was for the in lower Michigan (about 315 miles south of you) it was 74 degrees yesterday with loads of sunshine!! Not quite as warm today but still in the 60’s…Hope you get some nice autumn days before you leave for Georgia!!
    Awesome pictures by the way!! 🙂

  4. Correction to my post about that Friday that was so was the first Friday in October not the last in September!! lol It was the night you had your girls night out…remember Brenda??

  5. I’m glad you and Bear got back safely from your stormy outing. I don’t envy your packing for the return trip. Dogs always love a 2or 3 day car trip. Ya’ll be careful if you want to and have a safe drive. Tell Ted hi.

  6. Sounds like we crossed paths once more. I had to run our little dog, Maisy, to the vet in Cheboygan for a 1:15 appt. yesterday. We drove over on the Levering/Cheboygan road, though. Since I try not to make the 40 mile round-trip too often, it included errands at Glen’s, Wal-Mart, etc. I was pretty soggy by the time I drove home.

    I almost thought that was Travis in the last picture, but his beard looks a bit different. Great pictures!

  7. You remind me of the Post Office saying..”Neither rain…nor snow…etc”, you provide us with a great blog read anyway! Thanks for your’s so good to find your next day’s column when I’m wakeful about 2 a.m. Your fall foliage photos have made up for our dearth of pretty fall leaves in SE GA. Interesting photo of the Grand’s tulip bulbs being planted too. Just that day I had looked back to the May blog showing them in full bloom last spring. Looking forward to seeing what topics and places you write about in your GA blog. The Sunbelt AG Expo was this week in Moultrie…that may be an idea for you sometime.

    • So good to hear from you, Louise! It won’t be long now before we are back at home. I have mixed emotions, but can’t wait to see friends and family. Hope all is well with you.


  8. Texting and driving is bad but trying to snap photos while driving is definately a no-no.
    I bet Ted had a few choice words on the subject.
    Be safe!!

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