Skip-1, Bree-0 10/14/09

There is a John Denver song that begins “Some days are diamonds, some days are stones”.  To that I will add . . . .and sometimes you get them both in the same day.

Ted came in from taking the dogs out this morning, and I rolled over and said, “How many inches of snow on the ground?” 

“Zero inches,” he said happily, not being nearly as big a fan of snow as I am.

“Ok,” I said optimistically, “we have almost three weeks before we leave – anything can happen in three weeks.”

I had set today aside to clean house.  I was going to use some random shots for the blog today, and not fuss over going out to take any pictures or look for a story.  But, at 11 o’clock Jill called and asked if I wanted to go to St. Anne’s again and try to get the quilters while they were working.  I really wanted to see them in action, so I said I would meet her at the bookstore at 1:30, and we could run down there while she was on break.

Ted and I walked to town together.  We’ve bought another bicycle to have an extra when company comes, and Ted was going down to pick it up and go by the post office and bank.  You know I had to take another picture of the trees in our yard.  They just keep getting prettier prettier!


As we were about to go down Fort Hill, we had to pause to let a front-end loader go by carrying the fort ticket office.  It was going into storage for the winter.


At the bottom of Fort Hill, a carriage full of “fudgies” was turning the corner.  The cold weather hasn’t stopped the visitors from coming to the island.  They know – as you have seen – that the island is beautiful at this time of year.


I left Ted at the post office and went on to the bookstore.  Jill and I walked to St. Anne’s, only to find the quilters in the middle of a class.  We decided to come back in a few minutes and just walked around the Mission District, enjoying the sunshine.  There was a tree full of apples on one of the side streets, and we helped ourselves to one each.  So good!  Three steps further, and there was a white birch tree, decked out for fall.




We doubled back to St. Anne’s, and this time we were in luck.  The ladies were working on their individual projects.  This group, mostly from Grand Rapids, comes to Mackinac Island once a year to work together and learn as much as they can about quilting techniques, old and new.  This year each lady was creating a quilted wall hanging.  Yesterday had been spent on the art portion of their project, using wooden stamps, paints, and special threads and notions.  Today they had started on the actual quilting, done for the most part on the sewing machine.










This same group has donated a quilt entitled “Star of Mackinaw” to St. Anne’s for a raffle, with proceeds going to the resoration of the stained glass windows in the church.  The quilt was designed by Ginny Withey.  Tickets can be purchased at the church office, and the drawing will be October 25.  I sure would like that quilt in our condo!

The "Star of Mackinaw" quilt

The "Star of Mackinaw" quilt

All diamonds so far, right? Well, here comes the stone . . . . . .

Jill and I are heading back to town from St. Anne’s when I hear someone call, “Hey, Brenda!”  It turns out to be Kim from the Carriage Museum and Jeff, one of the carriage tour drivers – who, I might add, would take Bear home with him in an instant, if I would just give the word.  They are in a buggy being pulled by one of Doc Al’s standard bred horses.  This one was Skip, and Kim had him out for some exercise.  They were on the way to pick up Frankie and her chocolate lab, Hershey. 


Well, you know me.  “Oh, I’d love to get a picture of Frankie and Hershey on the buggy with ya’ll!”

Kim said, “Well, climb on, and you can ride with us over there!”  So I did.  Jill had to get back to work, so she left us at that point. 

I really enjoyed the buggy ride, asking Kim a million questions about Skip.  I found out he is a “track horse”, used originally to race, pulling a buggy.  Consequently, he loves to go fast, and has been learning the rules and regulations of Mackinac Island living since Doc Al brought him over.


We get to Frankie’s, and Jeff jumps off the buggy to go to her door.  I put one foot down on the step of the buggy, and Skip starts doing a little dance in the street.  There was a man raking leaves right next to him, and he was a little skiddish about the noise.  I said to Kim, “Just let me know when you think I can climb down.” 

I sat with one foot on the step and one foot in the buggy and waited for Skip to settle down, which he did in a very short time.  Kim said, “OK, I think you can get off.”  I lifted the foot in the buggy off the floor, leaving me balanced on one foot on the step. That’s when Skip decided to do a little dosie doe to the left, and I did a flip off that buggy that would have made “So You Think You Can Dance” judges sit up and take notice.  I landed first on my back on top of Frankie’s bicycle rack, then momentum turned me over to skid along the street on my forehead and cheek bone.  None of this was making Skip any happier, and Kim was dealing with him – expertly, I might add.  I rolled again, away from the street and put both hands over my face, ’cause that was what hurt the most.  Jeff is down beside me, asking me to move my hands so he can see how bad it is.  I took them down, he took a long look and said, “It’s not nearly as bad as it looks.” 

He and Frankie helped me up, and I felt something running down my cheek.  My hand came away red, and Jeff pulls all these kleenex out of his pocket.  I put them up to my cheek and in the process bump against the goose egg over my eye. 

Jeff and Kim and Frankie – even Hershey – were very concerned.  But I looked at Jeff and said, “Would you get my camera for me.”  Jeff looked at me like he was thinking “head injury for sure”.   Then he smiles and says, “You want a picture for your blog, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah!”



So that is my “stone” part of the day.  I went by the bookstore, and Jill and Tamara told me I would have a heck of a black eye tomorrow.  After getting home and looking at myself in the mirror, I’m pretty sure it is going to be more of a purple eye.  I said a quick thank you prayer for no broken bones – again.  All that calcium I take everyday seems to be working pretty well so far.

Ted says I am banned forever from anything that has to do with a horse, but I know he is kidding. 

“Hey, Ted!  You were kidding, right?”

NOTE:  For Jeanine and Jeff, by special request, here’s a couple of Hershey pictures from yesterday (after all the excitement)!





28 thoughts on “Skip-1, Bree-0 10/14/09

  1. Helmet, helmet, helmet. You need to wear it when you ride your bike, or see or could see a horse. I’ll bet your eye will go thru all the shades that the leaves turn. I’m glad you aren’t more seriously hurt. Stop declaring war on your pretty face.

  2. i am so sorry about your fall, but i am happy you did not get hurt any more that you did. is that your first fall this year. take care of your self, becaause we do have ice coming soon…..

    • No, I fell off my bike in front of a moving three-horse hitch carriage out in the woods. Very blessed then also. Ice? What ice?

    • You are so funny – just for you, I am going back and adding a pic of Hershey in the buggy as they were driving off. Check back in about 30 minutes.

  3. Well, first off, I see now that writing a blog is like being a newspaper reporter; it buys you a ticket to anywhere and anything at anytime. Now that said……… you need to get yourself home before anything serious “or more serious” happens to you. You CANNOT be up there in ice and snow. The Good Lord is telling you that. Haha. Seriously tho, I`m thankful you were not seriously hurt, and no teeth were broken. Scratches will heal.
    Love you and STAY SAFE.

  4. Well, like Kim told you, “horsing around ain’t for sissies!” Glad you’re okay; only a true horse person could laugh about something like this…

    PS…I’m with Jeanine, more Hershey pics!!!

    • Oh my gosh, you have no idea how much I love horses. I can’t ride because of a neck issue that my doctor has said is serious enough not to play around with. Have to stick to big dogs, I guess. Thanks for the concern – I’ve fine – a few sore spots and a face that looks like I had a run-in with a prize fighter – but ok.

  5. I am happy that you were not hurt more seriously than what you were.
    Your very lucky with a neck condition that you haven’t injured it worse!
    The Good Lord really has a close eye on you!
    Stay Safe Brenda!

  6. Wow Brenda! Take care up there. Between you and Ted, we may have to stay longer to keep an eye on you LOL. But why wait for snow? Just come up for New Years with us! Last year was a blast.
    Oh, and good thing the apple tree wasn’t on park land 😉
    Take care!
    Your neighbor on the island…

    • Safe on the apples, Matt. They were in the yard of someone we knew – just hanging over their fence! Sure were good! And you know you wouldn’t have to talk me into staying for snow – work on your buddy, Ted!

  7. It is time to come home!!!! You have been very lucky so far. The pictures are beautiful. I’m sure you will see snow before you leave. Please be careful when you get in it and act like a child! Surely, you can’t get hurt in the snow!

    Thanks for the birthday card. Turning 62 sounds old. I still say that age is just a number. It’s how you feel that counts, and I feel great!

  8. The old saying “God takes care of drunks and fool’s” will need amending to include “Bloggers with a camera”
    Your angles need over time pay.

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