Fall Leaves, the Fort, and Freaky Weather 10/7/09

Well, the weatherman hit it right smack on the head.  He said rain today.  Rain came today. 

But it was only a few sprinkles until around two o’clock, so Ted and I hiked over to Fort Mackinac to take advantage of the 30% off sale for Mackinac Associates.  That membership has surely been worth the small cost for us this year, and if you are planning an extended visit to the island (anything over 3 weeks, I’d say), consider becoming an Associate of the state park.  Membership gets you into any state park historic site, both on the island and in the Mackinaw City area, free of charge  – as many times as you want to go.  And since you have to pay the fort admission to eat lunch at the Tea Room, on that high hill looking out over the harbor and the Straits, having a “get in the fort free” ticket helps a lot. 

Back to the sale.  We bundled up in cold weather clothes and wet weather clothes and detoured through the Carriage Museum.  Now here’s an amazing thing.  The fall colors on the back side of the museum are much brighter than on the front side.  What’s up with that!


There were a great many groups on the island today doing tours.  The empty 3-horse hitch carriages were lined up, waiting for the visitors who had come up the hill on the 2-horse hitches to go through the museum, buy some souvenirs, and maybe sample some fudge.


Before we cut through the woods to avoid the puddles, our walk along Carriage Road revealed another beautiful tree.  We have found that walking along trails in the woods is much dryer than staying on the pavement, because the canopy of trees overhead protects the pathway.


As we entered the fort from the back side, through the Avenue of the Flags, a gorgeous tree in full fall foliage could be seen through the gate.  Sometimes I take a shot that really speaks to me, and this is one of them.  When I downloaded it onto the computer, and it came up on the screen, I thought “Wow, I might have to enter this one in the calendar contest!”


Even in the light drizzle, visitors were still going through the fort, lead by fort interpreters.  This group was lined up listening to a soldier talk about life in the fort during the 1800’s.




Ted and I did some serious Christmas shopping at Sutler’s Store.  We bought some gifts for our children and grandchildren, and I purchased a couple of things for the condo that I have been wishing for all summer – hoping that they would still be there when the sale started.  I love it when that happens!

We walked back through the woods, only this time Ted was loaded down with bags full of goodies.


When we came to an intersection on Carriage Road, I heard horses coming.  Just as the horses’ heads emerged from the trees, I got the next picture, and then took another as the whole carriage crossed the intersection.




Turning back to come up the hill to the museum, a carriage had just finished loading and was about to pull away, pass under a beautiful tree, and go out into the woods for the second part of their tour.


Ted and I stopped to talk to Kim before going home.  I talk a lot more about Denise at the Carriage Museum than Kim, but that is because Denise works at the front, and Kim works at the back.  But Kim is there everyday too, loading the visitors onto the 3-horse hitch carriages to ride through the woods, then unloading them when they return.  She is a sweet, sweet lady.  After next week, when the Carriage Museum closes, she will be returning to her family in Indiana.


Around 4 p.m., the heavy rains and winds we had been told to expect moved in, and we have hunkered down for a night of stormy weather.  Forecasts are still calling for a wintry mix as far south as Chicago over the weekend, but all the islanders I have spoken with say “no way”, or “if it snows, it won’t stick”. 

I have to confess that I’m hoping the weather forecasters are right!  Just a little snow – not much – just a little – I’m not greedy.  Stay tuned!


10 thoughts on “Fall Leaves, the Fort, and Freaky Weather 10/7/09

  1. Hope you got most of your shopping done! Burton and I were at Colonial the minute they opened and Lynn said I was probably going to be her biggest sale of the day and that is with our 30% sale. We even got matching jammies for the new babies coming this winter for all the cousins under 8 years. Of course Burton had to add to the master bedroom library and we could have bought so much more….What a wild night,I am glad that I work at Old point light house today and not the Island. that 7:30 boat will have a wild ride. Keep snapping,the trees at the Fort make me day even better. Don’t the soilders look sharp in their dress overcapes? Soup at the tearoom on Saturday?

  2. The picture with the horses heads coming out of the woods is definitely my favorite. I think you should enter that for a picture of the day to a magazine or an online news site. We loved Mackinac Island and were just there two weeks ago for our honeymoon. Plan on going back soon!

  3. Beautiful fall pix Bree, love, love, LOVE seeing all the color there! Next week is when we usually have made our visit to the island, & the leaves are so, SO gorgeous…and the sales…..a girl can do some serious damage! Glad you got some bargins.

    You’ve gotten the rain/cold & winds we’ve had here in MN for days…brrr. How ’bout some lovely WARM fall weather so all those pretty leaves don’t drop b-4 you can capture them on your camera??!

    p.s. see?? I told ya you’d love ‘Julie, Julia’, it was a stitch reading about your stuggles with the weather & cold & then the topper- the dog part & locking yrself out—TOO funny! No way, your stories are NEVER ordinary, even if you think they are, we don’t!

  4. LOVE the blog! Great pics! Must say – one of my favs is from the 10/1 entry “Some days are just days” where “a sparkling clean Bear, fresh from his day at the spa, rolling on the grass at the Jewel Golf Course.”

    We travel from Texas to Mackinac Island for at least one full week each year, with pups in tote (two Yorkies). The pups absolutely love the coolness of the Island and the outdoor time. The pic of Bear just reminded me of how much our pups enjoy the green grass and smells.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Welcome Donna! I remember stopping a lady on Main Street during the summer, who had two yorkies in a baby stroller, and asking if I could take a picture of them. That wasn’t you, was it?

  5. Hasn’t this rain been something else? It’s been raining, raining, raining for days and days. But today the sun finally peeked through and decided to stay! I am glad you had fun at the fort and got some Christmas shopping done. Very good, Bree.

    This weekend my folks are coming up to visit (I’ll tell them to wave to the island when they go by the bridge) and the forecast says Rain/Snow. But I’ll bet in only snows in the higher elevations. Are you really hoping to see snow??

    • Yes! I really, really want to see snow. We might get a sprinkling of snow every 10 years in south Georgia. Snow is a BIG DEAL to me – and I mean that in only the best possible way!

  6. The turning tree framed by the fort gates 5 star. So are several others……

    Ah, so many sales….

    Hope you get your snow.


  7. For me it’s a toss up! I love the picture of the triple- hitch coming through the fall trees – your header today. But I think the Sally Port photo would do nicely in the calendar. But then, I have no plans to be at the Winter Festival this February, so my vote won’t count!

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