Weather, a Wedding, and a Wee One 9/29/09

Rain – high winds – cold.  That was the forecast for today and Tuesday on the island.  So far, all we’ve gotten is the rain.  There is a high wind advisory on the Mackinac Bridge, warning all motorists preparing to cross to proceed with extreme caution.  The maximum speed limit for motorists during the caution is 20 mph, and they are asked to use the outside lanes, permitting high profile vehicles to use the inside lanes as an extra safety precaution.  If the winds get too high, they will close the bridge, effectively cutting the lower and upper peninsulas off from each other.

I canceled a lunch date with Judy downtown today because I thought the weather would be too bad, and canceled a “spa” day for Bear in Cheboygan for Tuesday.  Then the sky turned blue, and the temp was a balmy 60.  So I called Judy back and rescheduled lunch.  She was already downtown, and we met at the Mustang Lounge.  Neither of us had ever eaten there, and we wanted to finally try it out.  The Mustang is famous as the “locals” bar and restaurant, staying open year-round.  In winter pictures, there are always a lot of snowmobiles parked around the “Stang”, as it is called on the island.

Ted had gone to Cheboygan on a last minute, spur-of-the-moment grocery run, so after Judy and I had lunch, I decided to run some errands and hang around long enough to ride the taxi up with him, when he returned on the 2:30 ferry.  I ran to Sticky Paws, a dog/cat store having a great sale – everything in the store 1/2 off.  I got all the family and friends’ dogs and cats Christmas gifts at great prices.  Kim and her husband, who own the store, have a beautiful English Golden Retriever, who is white.  His name is Midas, and we’ve watched him grow up from a puppy to the almost adult dog he is now at two. 


Midas’ mom and dad stay on the island for the winter, and they say Midas loves the snow.  When he’s out running in it, all you can see are his black eyes and black nose!

Leaving there, I went to the post office.  Last week I spent several hours going through all the photographs I have taken this summer (thousands).  I picked out the ones of people I now know on the island (or their pets), and had prints made.  I ordered 199 prints, and today they came!  Tonight I will have the best time going through them and sorting them out.  I’ll carry them all with me when I go out from now on, and as I see each person, I’ll give them their picture.

I met up with Jill at the post office.  She was on the way to work, and I walked there with her and sat on a bench outside the store, going through the photos.  I gave Jill all the ones I had taken of her, plus some of Barb at the island school.  I know Jill will see her before I do.

We ran in to see Nicole, who opened a new store on the island this year, Little Luxuries.  She carries all kinds of special items, and I have bought a lot of birthday gifts there this summer.  Nicole and Andrew (from Douds) are planning a summer wedding next year, and the whole island is excited and wants to help plan it.  Jill dropped off a new Bride’s magazine for her.


I headed for the ferry dock, after calling a taxi to pick up Ted and I (and the groceries).  Ron, another of our favorite taxi drivers, got there before the ferry arrived.  I put all my packages in the taxi and climbed aboard because it had started drizzling rain.  Ted arrived and packed the “trunk” of the taxi with groceries.  Then we discovered that there were two more people getting on with lots of packages.  Since we would be getting off first, Ted and that guy repacked the trunk.  Then another lady was added to our group – with several more boxes. 

Ron said, “Ok, we have one more stop at the Shepler Line to pick up two more people.  I  hope they don’t have any packages or luggage!”  When we got to Shepler’s, a young couple was waiting, carrying their newborn baby boy.  I don’t mean newborn, as in a month old.  I mean newborn, as in 3 days old!  Of course, they also had three diaper bags, 2 pillows, and various other packages they were bringing with them from the hospital. 

This couple was just precious, and of course I had to hear the “birthing story”.  It seems they had plenty of time to make it to the hospital in Petosky, because they had planned everything so well.  With the first signs of labor, they called Great Lakes Air to send a plane over from St. Ignace.  A horse-drawn taxi ride to the airport, a five-minute flight off the island to the mainland, then an hour’s drive to the hospital left them with lots of extra time before the baby was born. 

So today, these year-round island residents came home with their baby boy on his first horse-drawn taxi ride.  What a special story these parents will have to tell their son when he is older!




By 5:30 we had the groceries unloaded and put away, and that’s when the rain really started, falling in great sheets outside the condo.  One lone bike rider, who must have had a very important appointment in town, braved the deluge and rode down the hill in full rain gear.




It’s now 8:15 p.m., and the strong winds still have not arrived, although they are forecast to blow in during the night with gusts up to 40 mph.  The highs will be in the 50’s this week, the lows in the 40’s.  By Friday, I think we will definitely know it is fall in Michigan.  Time to get out the flannel p.j.’s and stock up on hot chocolate!


6 thoughts on “Weather, a Wedding, and a Wee One 9/29/09

  1. Once again my friend God directed your steps all the way,all the day. Think of meeting this precious little boy over the years and how your minde and mouth will go ringt back to “our rainy day” Personally, I stayed in my PJ’s and studio all day with the waves crashing, rain pouring,and heat roaring. I finished my profect for Central MI Unioversity,and am ready to face my public today hummmm….

  2. Nothing sweeter than a newborn baby!! I miss holding my babies. Arkansas has cooled off as well. 40 this a.m. Have a great day!!

  3. It is also cold, rainy and windy in Ann Arbor. It will warm up tho…October in MI is always a beautiful month… favorite!

    Beautiful baby boy, beautiful parents! What a journey to and from the hospital. It would be great if they would start journals about the wee ones life on the island and publish it someday. That makes me think….I’m going to see if I can find a book written about the life of one on the island. Should make for wonderful reading, especially on days like these, when I don’t care to leave the house!!

  4. Love your blog! Mackinac Island is the best place on earth. I have always wanted to stay on Mackinac Island through 1 winter with my husband, my dog, and a LARGE pile of books! Unfortunately, my husband says “ARE YOU CRAZY!?” 🙂 Are you aware of any islanders who stay year round who blog? Would love to read their experiences!

    • Your husband sounds like my husband. I am having no luck whatsoever convincing him to stay for a winter. I am going to continue this blog when we go to Georgia for the winter, but I have several islanders who will be sending me pictures during the winter to post. Also, on my blogroll, there is a url for “quilted turtle” which belongs to Liz, a teacher here on the island who has a blog. She lives here year-round. Her blog is geared toward arts & crafts, but living here, I’m sure she shares some winter stories also. You might check that one out over the winter months.

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