Maddie Tells a Tale 9/28/09

IMG_7585aSunday morning – 10:15

Hi.  Maddie here.  Mom and dad were out very late Saturday night on their “date”.  Mom was laughing when she got home about how romantic it was.  It seems that dad’s idea of romance from September through December is finding a place with a big screen TV and watching as many football games as possible. So last night, the romantic place was the Pink Pony, where they ate dinner at the bar and watched the Georgia game. 

Of course you already know that the most important team in the whole world is the University of Georgia Bulldogs – that’s my dad’s opinion anyway.  If he spent half as much time playing with this dog those 4 months as he does watching those dawgs, I would be one happy pooch. 

You should hear and see my dad when he’s in the middle of watching a game.  He’s pacing the floor, and talking to the TV screen, and giving all the coaches tips on what play they should run.  It used to scare me silly, but now I’ve gotten used to it.  When Fluff Face (that’s one of my more affectionate names for Bear, the dorky dog who I have to share mom and dad with) came to live with us, I had to clue him in on what was happening.  The first time dad starting jumping up and down in the den when the dawgs made a touchdown, it ’bout scared half the hair off the crazy dog’s tail, which, come to think about it, wouldn’t have been a bad thing.  That’s one furry tail! 

Mom says she’s just happy dad only acts like that at home in Michigan – not out in public.  In Georgia, it’s another story.  There is this little tavern on the lake called Spring Creek Marina.  It has another name, but mom would never give me another treat if I told you what it is.   Spring Creek Marina is where all the guys and girls who are big football fans gather every time Georgia plays, and when dad is there, he paces, talks to the TV, and gives tips in public – at least I’ve heard rumors to that affect.

Dad even bought Georgia Dawg collars for me and Goofy Boy.  Mine’s the prettiest, because it’s red.


Fuzz Ball’s collar is black, and when people up here in Michigan see that big “G” on his collar, they assume we are Green Bay Packer fans!  Good grief! 

Anyway, dad told me this morning that the weather is supposed to get really bad this afternoon and tonight, so it will be a perfect day for football watching.  He will take over the couch upstairs in front of the TV, and mom will get the dog walking duties for the rest of the day.  Mom says that’s because dad thinks if he should step away from the TV for more than a second, someone might throw a 99 yard touchdown pass, and he might not be able to see that same pass 32 times on the replays.

Which brings me to the point of this whole story.  With dad watching football, mom will be in charge of me and the big-headed boy.  That means she will take us on a nice walk this afternoon, unless the rain moves in earlier than expected.  So, I think I’m going to take a little nap in the sun right now – while I still have a chance.  More later. 


Sunday afternoon – 2:10:  It still hasn’t started raining, so mom took me and Bozo for a walk.  She took her camera, so we dogs just looked at each other and smiled.  When mom’s got her camera with her, it pretty much means we can get away with anything ’cause all she is interested in these days is leaves. Bear and I had a good ole time scooping up lots of goodies along the road while mom oohed and ahhed and said stuff like, “Maddie, look at that tree!” and “Bear, have you ever seen such color!”  Me and Bear just nodded and went right on sampling our little smorgasbord.  Have I told you that there are a gazillion geese here now, so we can choose between horse poop and goose poop – how lucky can you get!  (I tell Bear that the goose is better for him, but he still prefers the horse – I’m sure he thinks it’s more macho.) 

Mom did get some nice pictures though – if you’re into leaves.  I wrote a little bit about each one so you would know what mom was doing.


Mom got dizzy trying to look straight up into this tree and focus on the red leaves. Don't know why she didn't just take a shot of the ones she was standing on.



This is a path in the woods we love to walk on. It's covered now in leaves that go crunch under my feet.



This is where that wooded path ends, right at the Carriage Museum.



I told mom I really liked this shot. That made her smile.



More looking up - more unnecessary dizziness.



Here's a pretty cool picture mom took of a big black bird sitting in a big white birch tree.

Late Sunday afternoon – 5:25:  I heard mom tell dad that if he didn’t come outside and play for a few minutes that the next time it was her turn to choose where to go on their romantic date night, she was taking him with her to shop for curtains.  He was outside pretty fast.

Then I had to put up with this silly game they play with the brainiac boy.  Brainiac stands with the tennis ball between his feet, and they say, “Where’s the ball?”  And then he puts his paw on it.  Well, duh.




Then they play “Catch the Ball.”  I have to tell you Fuzz Ball was pretty bad at this at first.  But he finally got his mouth-eye coordination perfected, and he can pick that ball right out of the air.


Here he is jumping up to catch one.


I’m not going to tell you what I do while Circus Boy is doing all his tricks, but here’s a hint:


Around 6 o’clock it finally started raining, and we had to go inside.  As it got darker, the wind really started blowing, the rain was pounding against the windows, and it started getting a lot colder.   When the weather gets like that, I climb on the couch with Fuzzy and cuddle up as close as possible.  Because as much as I hate sharing mom and dad with the big guy, I have found that he makes a really good sleeping bag when it’s cold.


 Oh, one more thing – GO DAWGS!  Woof, Woof! 



15 thoughts on “Maddie Tells a Tale 9/28/09

  1. Love those puppies — not the football games. If you put Ted and Tad in a room with Ga. and LSU playing there probably would be no survivors.

    Pics are fabulous. The fall colors are worth getting dizzy to document.

    Miss you guys and dogs. Keep up the great work.

  2. Ok this MUST become a childrens book series or go for the dog lovin’ adults,You all have us hooked! How was your storm last night? they may close the bridge today expecting 65 mile an hour winds. Last time that happened we ended up with a great christmas tree from the top of one of our tall cedars. Christmas is less then 3 months away 🙂

  3. Mattie, you’re lookin pretty dawg gone CUTE!
    If I had gotten my errands run an hour earlier, I could have gone on a walk with you. Don’t forget, we have “treats” for you & your brother down at the Bookstore.

  4. I absolutely loved “Maddie Tells a Tale”! I laughed so hard and so did my 7 year old granddaughter. Thank Ted for being such a good sport and thank you for making my day!

  5. I hope Ted doesn’t take the dog’s with him to “Bugger Bottom”. They would never be the same.
    After a trip to “The Bottom”, a day trip to Lazy Pines would totally ruin their reputation’s as “good dog’s”.

  6. Love the photos of the sweet dogs…weekend in Marquette was wonderful. Just so sorry I did’t get my island fix this trip. Weather is certainly lousy this evening…saw four ore boats hunkered down in the bay between here and the island…a sure sign of lots of wind and rain. Hoping to get an early start for “down below’ in the morning. Will keep and eye on your blog when I return home. Will get over there next summer for sure. Take care…enjoy the changes in the weeks ahead.


  7. Looks strange not seeing the carriages lined up at the gift shop/musuem in the background of the one picture. Must be getting quiet around the island!

  8. “He’s pacing the floor, and talking to the TV screen, and giving all the coaches tips on what play they should run.” I can visualize that! We’re missing Ted’s “football game antics” here in GA. And the way the Dawgs have been playing, I’m sure we’ve missed alot. Miss you both and look forward to your returning home.

    • He’s actually been pretty subdued because he watches the games in the Pink Pony, and he’s the only Georgia fan in there!

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