No Wonder We Couldn’t Find Mr. Kitty!

As some of you know, the Mr. Kitty Project has been ongoing for a little over a month now.  For background information on this story, you can go to the original post at:

Since the day I left my contact information with someone in the Mission Point gift shop, Ted and I both have been to Mission Point quite often – not specifically to look for Mr. Kitty, but just on different outings over there at different times.  Each time we would go, we made a special effort to look for the elusive cat, asking if she had been seen, giving out our number again – no luck.  We have had spottings by Jeanine from her taxi, but she has never been close enough to take her picture.

Ted and I were at Mission Point the other day and asked once again in the gift shop about Mr. Kitty.  One of the young men who has worked at Mission Point for years finally ‘fessed up to what happened after I left my name and number the first time, and asked them to see if they could catch the cat so I could have Dr. Al take a look at her.
It seems the Mission Point Resort employees all consider Mr. Kitty “their” cat, and they didn’t want her to leave.  After the word got out that someone wanted to adopt her, they all got together and decided as a group NOT to catch her.
According to this young man, Mr. Kitty is a very happy outdoor cat.  Someone is there at the resort all summer and all winter to provide food and water for her.  She is very friendly, but DOES NOT tolerate being picked up.  The wounds on her back that were a concern in August were from a run-in with a raccoon that was trying to steal her food one night.  Mr. Kitty won that battle, and the wounds have since healed.

Mr. Kitty also seems to  be quite smart.  In the past, an eagle has “stalked” chipmunks and squirrels on the grounds at Mission Point, and could easily have carried off Mister Kitty also.  When the cat spotted the eagle nearby, she would go into “the wind tunnel”, a long enclosed area behind the hotel where garbage, etc. is processed.  Then she would wait until one of the employees was walking in the direction she wanted to go.  She would then walk out with them – knowing the eagle wasn’t going to attack a person.
So, it seems the adoption of Mr. Kitty would be fought tooth and nail by the employees of Mission Point, who say she showed up there in 2003.  There was a flyer circulating that year about a missing cat that met her description.  Mission Point called the number and told the people that they had found her, but her people never came.  She has been Mission Point’s cat ever since.
There is a vet on the island all year, and I was assured that Mr. Kitty would be well taken care of if medical issues should arise.

She has become something of a celebrity over the years, with people asking about her when they return year after year, as did the couple who wanted to adopt her.  The young man also said that a lot of visitors have their picture made with Mr. Kitty as she suns herself on the drive in front of the resort.

So it seems that Mr. Kitty loves her rather vagabond life as the Mission Point cat, and Mission Point definitely loves Mr. Kitty.  Maybe now that she knows she’s safe from being spirited away from her forever home, she’ll come out and let me get a picture of her!

Summer’s Last Stand

Today has been windy and chilly on the island, and rain and colder temperatures are forecast for Saturday.  When I stepped outside to walk to town this afternoon, the air even had a different smell – crisp and sharp and cool enough to make my nose tingle when I took that first breath out on the backporch. 

When I was walking around this week with my camera, I was amazed at how summer-like all the flowers still were.  Even with some of the leaves changing, and with dry leaves blowing around the streets, the summer flowers are hanging on like they just can’t bear to give up and fade away. 

Here are a few shots I took just three days ago – some from downtown and some out on the West Bluff. 












I’m off tonight for a date with Ted (LOVE those Saturday night dates)!  Will see you back here Monday morning, good Lord willing.  God bless.


10 thoughts on “No Wonder We Couldn’t Find Mr. Kitty!

  1. Brenda even when we were there in the middle of October, flowers were still blooming. It must be the magic ground the flowers are growing in. 🙂

    • We were here in October last year and I don’t remember the flowers that well. I think I was so in awe of the fall colors that I forgot to look at the blossoms! I’ll be more observant this October!

  2. While we were on the island this past August, we noticed a gorgeous black and white cat wondering around. It was wearing a collar and well-fed. We were sitting on the veranda at the Inn on Mackinac and looked down to watch it come into the Inn’s garden and chew on the decorative grass…we called to it and it looked at us then darted out b/w the fenceposts…on down the road…

    • The black and white kitty is another island nomad. He/she wanders the island, mostly hanging out at the scout barracks. We have seen her as far up as Ft. Holmes. She definitely is well fed! Mission Point’s Mr. Kitty is a calico, and is a female. She undoubtedly has been “fixed” at some time in her former life, because no one has ever reported a litter of kittens. There are very few “loose” cats on the island, and the ones that stay outdoors are pretty well known by everyone who lives here.

  3. Where is that beautiful white home located on the island. The stone wall looks new?
    Hope you go have a nice dinner , maybe at the Woods. It is so nice and cozy with the fireplaces. Perfect for a fall evening.
    Oh and Hilde they have the best fertilizer on the island. Never a shortage of that with all of those beautiful horses.

    • The home is on the West Bluff at the beginning of Pontiac Trail. The wall is very old, I think. Alas, the Woods is closing Sunday night for the season. Probably couldn’t get reservations there if we even tried at this point. The island is full of Michigan Republicans this weekend. Huge crowds everywhere. Dinner might be a problem, now that I think about it!

  4. It is beyond me how these people keep these yards and flowers looking so georgious all summer long.They are beautiful. Oh yes, I forgot; horse poop. Glad to know Mr. Kitty has a home and a family, a quiet large one i presume.

  5. Mr. Kitty is another book for your childrens series. I walk past those first pictures on my way to work at the fort and the colors are so vivid I love that walk. Have a great daye. Today turned out really nice after all didn;t it? I did get the flannel sheets washed and on the beds though.

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