Where in the World is . . . Mike Rowe? 9/18/09

Yesterday while Pat and I were bouncing all over downtown Mackinac Island, a very persistant rumor was circulating.  It seemed that Mike Rowe of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs series and his film crew had arrived on the island.  It quickly became the talk of the island, and I, of course, wanted to find him. 

I was in the shower when Ted said that Jill was on the phone saying that Mike and his crew were in Horn’s Bar.  Ted and I were going to dinner at the Grand last night with Pat, our friend from Georgia, and there was no way I could go sprinting down the hill to Horn’s.  So I crossed my fingers that someone I knew would be there and take pictures.

This morning Jill called a little before 10:30.  She was on the way to catch the ferry and had seen Mike on the dray with George, with the film crew following along on bikes.  They were heading for Mission Point.  To be honest, I was still in my p.j.’s, Ted was getting ready for work, and I knew if I went to Mission Point, I would probably get there right after they left for somewhere else. 

When Dirty Jobs was on the island two years ago, Mike had done a segment with George, who drives the garbage dray.  He had also done some painting and helped replace lightbulbs on the Mackinac Bridge.  Shortly after we got here this spring, I had written a story about George (https://bree1972.wordpress.com/2009/05/24/george-52509), and the Discovery Channel had picked it up and posted it on their Dirty Jobs website.

About 30 minutes after Jill called, I saw George coming up the hill on his dray.  I dropped what I was doing, put on some shoes, and was out at the boardwalk by the time he had gotten up the hill.  He stopped to say hello, and I asked him about the Mike Rowe rumors.  George told me that yes, Mike had ridden with him to Mission Point, and they were here filming some “behind the scenes” action on the island.  He said they had been at the Grand this morning.

Long story short, I spent most of the afternoon downtown trying to track down the elusive Mike, and never did find him.  BUT!  I do KNOW people who saw him AND had their picture taken with him.

These shots are from this morning at the Grand, courtesy of The Grand Hotel.








Diane, who was in Horn’s last night, took this picture of my new island friend Helen with Mike. 


Rumor has it that Mike and his crew will be leaving the island tomorrow morning.  I have a few people on the lookout, and I still might get lucky enough to spot him before he leaves.  We’ll see!

On the way to town this afternoon, I saw a few more leaves putting on their fall colors, and downtown the summer flowers that have been so beautiful in Doud’s window boxes have been replaced by mums in a rainbow of fall hues.




Going back home up Cadotte, I was met by a buggy pulled by two beautiful Friesians.  As I turned to take a picture of them, I saw that the street was deserted except for the buggy and a lone sanitation worker. 



It struck me once again that fall is inching its way onto the island.  Even though the temperatures have bounced back after that one cool day, we know that we are on borrowed time with this warm weather.  Fall, one of the most beautiful of seasons on Mackinac Island, is right around the corner.  I look forward to sharing it with you.


14 thoughts on “Where in the World is . . . Mike Rowe? 9/18/09

  1. OH NO Jeanine…Brenda won’t be out of her P.J.’s to see the crew leaving (& neither will I)!

    Great pics Brenda, you must be getting to know the “right people”…

  2. Hey, I just found your blog. I work at May’s Fudge Shop. I got off at six, ran upstairs and changed and then spent about two and half hours looking for Mike. I checked all the restaurants only to find he was most likely at the grand.

    I went to Horn’s, since I’d heard the rumors he’d gone there before, and I found he might be having dinner at the Yankee Rebel. Of course, I wasn’t going to barge in there, but I don’t know what to do. I really wanted to meet him.

    • Hi Courtney!

      He left the island this morning – from the airport. It will be on the blog tomorrow morning!

      Glad you found my blog!

      Brenda (Bree)

  3. Obviously the “Big Scoop” on Mackinac Island is the “Poop Scoop”
    Have a big scoop today and a better scoop tomorrow.
    When Brenda leaves the Island; some one please shut off the lights…the party is over.

  4. Thanks Bree for your great report! Even though we work for Mike’s website, mikeroweworks.com, we never know where he is until after he’s been there. Cool!

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