A Grand Day and a GRAND Evening 9/1/09

It just can’t be September.  Where did summer go?  Oh, wait!  Summer never came!  At least not much of one. 

We have been here 3 1/2 months, and I have yearned for an air conditioner exactly one day.  I was talking to someone the other day who said that 3 or 4 summers ago, they had to use their air conditioner two whole weeks up here!  I better not say that too loudly to any of my Georgia friends, but even they have said that this summer has not been nearly as bad as some – plenty hot, but with some cooler days mixed in.

Today dawned bright and sunny and 45 degrees.  The whole week is supposed to be fair with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s.  It is simply beautiful outside, so why am I sitting here at 2 in the afternoon blogging away?  Well, because Judy, her daughter and I are going to the movies tonight at Mission Point, and I don’t want to be writing this at midnight!

I know I said I wasn’t going to post anything yesterday, then around 10:30 last night, after getting back from the auction at The Grand, I just had to post those three pictures from the Island Bookstore of Maddie and Bear getting treats.  Go back and look at that, if you didn’t see it yesterday.  Sometimes I say I’m not going write, then can’t help myself.  Crazy, huh!

Ted and I had a great day yesterday.  The weather was perfect, and we decided to walk with the dogs downtown so they would be good and tired when we left them to go the Grand.  We chose to go down at Turkey Hill, which runs by the Jewel Golf Course.  It looked manicured, as usual, and there was a large flock (gaggle?) of geese hanging out on one of the greens.  There are a lot of geese on the island right now.  Migrating, maybe?  With all the trees still covered in their green finery, it is really hard to see The Little Stone Church through the leaves, but you can just make it out.




At the bookstore, after Maddie and Bear had their treats, Jill reminded us that the raffle for the 4-H quilt ended at 3 p.m. over at the post office.  We had been saying all week we needed to buy tickets, so we walked over there.  The 4-H Club members and Jackie, their leader, had made the quilt by hand.  They had even made pillows to go with it.  The proceeds are going toward the new horse barn to be built out near Wawashkamo Golf Course.   Jackie was there, as was Frankie and her chocolate lab Hershey.  We bought our tickets, then waited for the phone to ring at 4 o’clock to tell us we had won.  It didn’t ring.  Darn it!


We had heard the Welcome (the tail ship we had toured earlier in the summer) was moored once again at the Arnold Dock, so we walked over there to take another look.  That’s when I remembered I should have taken a picture of the quilt.  Ted sat in the shade with the dogs while I ran to do that, and Bear and Maddie got some more attention.


We walked out on the dock to see the Welcome.  Some of the same guys were there that we met the last time.  They invited us to come back Monday morning when all the sails would be up, but I am embarrased to say we didn’t make it down there for their 9 a.m. sail away.


The Pink Pony was having their employee reunion weekend, and Jill (who worked at the Pony years ago), said we had to come listen to “Beans” playing on the back deck.  We stood outside the fence (couldn’t go in because we had the dogs with us) and listened for a little while.  Beans was great!  We really need to get him to come play at the Cypress Grill at the lake in Georgia.  He would be a hit!


We had planned to walk down to The Grand for the Medical Center Annual Fund Raiser with Judy, her daughter, her son-in-law, and her granddaughter.  We stayed a little too long at the Pony, so we ended up having to hurry home and get ready because the Grand event started at 5:30.  The hotel had relaxed its dress code for the auction, which meant we could wear resort casual – no jeans or shorts though.  The admission cost included dinner and drinks, and the huge room where it was held was set up as for a picnic, with red checkered tablecloths.  The buffet was hamburgers, hotdogs, slaw, pork & beans, and all the trimmings.  And desserts!  Oh my gosh!  I had this chocolate concoction that melted in my mouth AND pecan pie just like they make it in Georgia.  Yum!  Here’s our table – minus Ted and I.


As I’ve said many times, everything about the Grand is, well Grand!  This room was beautiful.  Someday soon, I’m going down there and just walk around with my camera and give you a guided tour of the grace and charm of this beautiful place.

A view of the crowd.

A view of the crowd.


The room was surrounded by tables on which donated items were available for silent auction.

The room was lined by tables on which donated items were available for silent auction.


Ted starting through the buffet line.

Ted starting through the buffet line.


Molly Carroll, our minister's wife, at one of the silent auction tables.  We bid on painting she did of Siesta Key, Florida, but did not win it.

Molly Carroll, our minister's wife, at one of the silent auction tables. We bid on a painting she did of Siesta Key, Florida, but did not win it.

After the silent auction was closed, the “real” auction began with an auctioneer driving for the highest bid on some really fantastic items – original paintings from famous Mackinac Island artists, jewelry, antiques, stays at the Grand Hotel, a tour of the Mackinac Bridge from the top down, homemade items, and dinners for 12.  The Grand Hotel donated the room and the buffet dinner for the event, and all of the proceeds will go to the island Medical Center.


Two really good things happened during the night.  One was I got to meet Michele, who I photograph on her Friesian horses every chance I get.  She was so charming and nice.

The other good thing was a lady named Jennifer, who works at the Grand and reads this blog, volunteered to send me all the winter pictures of Mackinac Island that I could use while we are away.  She lives here year-round.  How great is that!  And Jill introduced me to Greg, who also does winter photography on the island, and he has added me to his email list.

It was just the best day – beautiful weather, a great walk downtown, good music, good friends, and an exciting evening at the Grand.  Mackinac Island at its best!


3 thoughts on “A Grand Day and a GRAND Evening 9/1/09

  1. Love the pictures of your babies Bree! I can tell they are not spoiled at all..lol
    Looks and sounds like you and Ted had an awesome time at the auction, love the pictures from the Grand!
    Happy to hear that you have found someone to get winter pictures for you 🙂
    Have a Blessed Monday!!

  2. I love surprises…especially an unexpected blog. That is the first picture that I have seen of Ted not in “civies”. The boy cleans up nice.

    I love pictures of my furry relatives.

    Hugs to all.


  3. Love the Grand and the pictures. Just got home from the Island and am having major withdrawal. Can’t wait to see winter pictures!

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