Lawnmowers and Snowmobiles 8/29/09

Isn’t it wonderful how simple things can just make your day?

We had invited Don (he and Ted work together at the Visitor’s Center) to eat dinner with us last night.  He and his wife live in Trillium Heights (even further up the hill than we do), and Don’s wife was out of town.  We had gone up to their home a couple of weeks ago to a cookout for the Visitor Center workers.  Don has a flower garden in his front yard and a vegetable garden in his backyard.  He has quite a green thumb!

He walked in last night with a big bouquet of flowers and a bag filled with onions, beets, green beans and the biggest cabbage I had seen in a long time – all fresh picked straight out of his gardens.  I immediately put the green beans Ted had bought at Doud’s back in the frig and snapped the ones Don had brought.  Steak on the grill, some brown rice, barbeque bread and those beans made a really nice dinner.  You know by now I don’t know one flower from another, so I had to ask Don what all he had brought.  They were a mixture of cosmos, sunflowers, zinnias, wild poppies, and something else I forgot to ask him about – they were purple.  Can’t show you the green beans – we ate ’em!






As you can see, my flower container is still my glass tea pitcher.  I have got to get a vase!

Today, everywhere I looked or went, there was a lawnmower going.  It was the craziest thing, but it seemed like the entire island was being mowed today!  I’ve loved the smell of newly mowed grass ever since I was a little girl in Sylvester, GA.  I’d wake up on a Saturday morning, and daddy would already be outside mowing.  The grass smell would be coming in through the open windows of my bedroom (no air conditioning back then), and I would lie there and think about all the fun things we were going to do that weekend.  Ever since then, the smell of freshly mowed grass takes me instantly back to my childhood. 

Ted and I had decided to ride our bikes out to Arch Rock, and as we were leaving there were two mowers going – one on the grounds of the Carriage Museum, and Gary was on one down at the livery stable.





IMG_5544aAs we rode our bikes up the street, there were at least three more men out in their yards mowing.  I began to wonder if these islanders knew something I didn’t.  With the highs tomorrow in the 50’s, could it be possible that this would be the last cutting of the summer?  Surely not – but it is Michigan!  Oh, by the way, I did buy a bike helmet and I do wear it! Cute, huh!

I have been promising some pictures of Arch Rock from the top instead of the road below, and we wanted to get over there today before the clouds moved in.  We took the Arch Rock Bike Trail, which starts just behind the Scout Barracks.  No horses are allowed on that trail, so it is poop-free.  It’s the same trail that Justin (the Carriage Tour driver) called the Avenue of Trees.  I will write about that trail soon, but today I was focused on Arch Rock. 

There were several tour carriages and lots of bikers at the rock, but the crowd really wasn’t bad, and it was easy to get the pictures I wanted.  Arch Rock is the most spectacular of the island’s limestone formations.  It rises 146 feet above the waters of Lake Huron.  Through the arch today, we could see the whitecaps on the lake, caused by the stiff wind that began to kick up around 2 o’clock this afternoon.


From another angle, you can see the highway below that circles the island.  That is where we are usually standing when we point our cameras up at Arch Rock.  This angle also gives a good perspective of how high up we are.


By climbing a few steps, you can stand almost even with the top of the arch and see the highway in the distance as it curves along the shoreline.


It was getting cooler and windier when we left and started home.  We decided to ride back by the East Bluff. Mission Point Resort and its white adironack chairs seemed very far below from up there. 


Ted decided to go down and lift weights at Mission Point since we were so close.  I stopped and took some pictures looking over the roofs of houses behind St. Anne’s.  The clouds bringing that cold front in were already forming, and rain is supposed to come in tonight.




I took the road behind the fort and spotted another lawn mower up on the grounds near the state park office, and when I got home, the first thing I saw was someone mowing the lawn in front of our condo. 




I had  just begun to think that maybe this was a sign that I should go get in the bed, smell the green grass smell coming in through the open windows, and think about all the fun things we’d be doing this weekend. Then – from down at the livery stable –  the motor of what had to be the loudest lawn mower I have ever heard fired up.  I looked down there and had to rub my eyes to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing!  Because right there on the grass where this morning he had been mowing, Gary was taking his SNOWMOBILE for a little spin.


Ok, folks – that’s it!  Tomorrow morning I’m going to go talk to some islanders about what they know that I don’t!


5 thoughts on “Lawnmowers and Snowmobiles 8/29/09

  1. Just when I think i`ve been everywhere with you on the island you throw another breathtaking set of views at me. The picture of the church steeple with the lake behind it is georgious. And I had no idea Arch rock was so high up. I don`t see how Ted can ride bikes so far and then lift weights. Once again, the pictures are all beautiful, and you look soooo cute in the bike helment.
    Love ya`ll, Marianne

  2. Dear Bree, I like your new bike hat. Did you find a purse and shoes to match? Looks like ya’ll had a nice ride. I’ve got to get me a southern computer. This one keeps telling me I misspelled ya’ll.

    • Dear Frog,

      You could always say “you all”, but all us Southerners know that is totally not the same. And no, sadly I haven’t found a matching purse and shoes yet. But if you think that hat was cool, wait ’til tomorrow’s blog. Boots to die for!

      Love you and Cathie to pieces!


  3. Your picture from behind and above St. Anne’s is taken from almost the same perspective as a painting by Kathleen Chaney Fritz that we have hanging above our mantle. You’ve probably seen it in a couple of shops on the island.

    It’s always a reminder to us of the beauty of the island!

    • Oh my gosh! I have that same picture, and when I looked at the photograph on my computer screen, I thought the same thing. I love that picture – it hung in my office for years before I retired, and now it hangs in our home in Georgia. When I would get totally stressed out, I would look at that picture and let it calm me down. It never failed to work. Thanks so much for writing. brenda (bree)

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