The Mr. Kitty Project/Right Out My Back Door 8/20/09

Thursday is the last day of the Mackinac Island Music Festival, and Ted and I have plans to attend the final event Thursday night.  I’m taking the night off from blogging to enjoy some quality time with my husband.  Tonight I’m doing kind of a “two for one” blog – two totally different subjects that should have been used on two different days.  So I offer them to you today as a “substitute” for two days of blogging. 

See you back here Saturday morning with my interview of Stu Stuart, the hilarious comedian who performs nightly on Mackinac Island (meeting him for lunch Friday – hope I don’t choke laughing!).


Ted and I get ourselves into some of the strangest situations.  Or maybe I should say Ted gets me in some of the strangest situations!

Ted was at the Pink Pony last night, and when he got home he told me about meeting a nice couple from Ann Arbor MI, who were staying at Mission Point Resort for the 4th or 5th year.   Every year they have noticed a tortoise shell cat that seems to “belong” to no one, but is obviously being fed by different people at the resort throughout the year.  The cat, named Mr. Kitty even though he is a “she”, is often seen in the mornings sunning herself on the driveway at Mission Point.  At night she can be found  hanging around the back entrance to the movie theatre.  I actually saw her one night when Judy and I were coming out of the movies.  A furry shape flashed by in the dark, and I said to Judy, “That was a cat!”  Cats are pretty rare on the island – tons of dogs, very few cats. 

When Rennie and her husband Dave arrived this year, they noticed Mr. Kitty didn’t look so good.  Her fur was matted all the way down her back, and cats don’t usually get matted.  Rennie, who works at a cat clinic in Ann Arbor, decided the cat should be adopted (by her and Dave), but the logistics were impossible.  They didn’t have anything to transport a cat in back home, and after leaving the island today, they were traveling somewhere else for two days before returning to Ann Arbor. 

Now, don’t think that Ted gave me all this information.  What he basically said was, “I met a nice couple, and they are going to contact you about a cat at Mission Point.”  Luckily, right after he got home, I got a comment on my blog from Rennie, about this cat, asking me to give her a call if I could possibly help solve this situation.  Ted had told them what an animal lover I am and that I had rescued animals before (ONE animal to be exact – our beloved Lab mix Bud, who died two years ago at the wonderful old age of 14).  He had obviously also told them my blog address.  Rennie left her cell phone number on the comment.

Before I called Rennie back, I called Doc Al to see if he even “does” cats.  He said “sure”.  If we could catch the cat, he would be glad to check it over.  So I called Rennie, and we came up with a plan.  I would g0 down to Mission Point, see if I could find the cat, catch it, and transport it somehow to Doc Al.  If the cat was healthy, or relatively so, Rennie and her husband would come back in September, prepared to take the cat home with them.  They said they would handle the vet bills. 

So this afternoon I biked downtown, bought some cat food, biked to Mission Point, and looked all over for the cat.  Nowhere to be found.  I left my name and number at the desk of the gift shop after talking to the girl in charge.  She has worked there for four years and knows the cat well.  She also has noticed that the cat doesn’t appear as healthy as she did last year.  So, IF they can catch the cat, and IF they can get her in a box or carrier, and IF she doesn’t have something dreadfully wrong with her, Mr. Kitty might get adopted and spend the rest of her life inside being a house kitty . . . . . more to come on all that, but please notice who is going after cat food and searching for the cat.


Tonight after supper I told Ted I was going to take Bear out for a little one-on-one time.  I love being out on the streets in the early morning – although I’m not doing much of that this summer.  But my very favorite time is early evening.  The sun is going down, the day trippers have left the island, and all I have to do is walk out my door to be in my own private wonderland.  

Just across from the grounds in front of our condo is a livery stable, and at this time of night the carriages have all been brought home by “happy to see the barn” horses and are lined up ready for another busy day tomorrow.


The Carriage Museum, a place of almost  constant activity during the day, with carriage after carriage filled with excited visitors coming and going, is closed down and peaceful in the waning light.


The Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House, adjacent to the Carriage Museum, sits serenely in the gathering dark.  Inside, through the large glass windows, I can see butterflies dancing merrily through their private garden.  I wonder if, at this time of day, they realize happily that they are no longer photo opportunities, but simply butterflies again. 






Bear and I turn toward home.  The sky is beautiful over the swaying trees.  Rain is coming tonight, but you would never know it from this sky.


Where else could I find this – the busy, crowded streets during the day, filled with people and bikes and horses and carriages, and the quiet, calm streets during the evening, filled with a peaceful stillness like no other I have ever  known.   In my mind and heart, no other place like this exists, and the wonder of it is that to find it, all I have to do is walk right out my back door.

9 thoughts on “The Mr. Kitty Project/Right Out My Back Door 8/20/09

      • I DID GO to the Music Concert (my day off) WHERE WERE YOU & Ted???
        I thought maybe I had my nights mixed up & you went on Wednesday night.
        So many things to do & so little time!!!

  1. So, what’s up with the cat? Catching up on your blog since we’ve been sans computer for a few days. Glad to hear Blake is back safe and sound.

    Going to a Hot Air Balloon thing tonight – still on our binge! Take care.

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