Seems Like Forever! 8/15/09

Hello, hello, hello, hello!!!  Soooo good to be back online with all of you. 

Just to get us going, I’m including a few paragraphs below that I wrote immediately before my computer conked out.  I was writing Monday morning for Tuesday’s blog, and this will just let you know where my head was that morning.  Paragraphs in blue are from Monday, August 10.

Confession time.  I hit the wall this weekend.  I blame my fall last week for the whole thing.  If Stevie and Dawn hadn’t been here,  I probably would have snugged up on the couch with a book and a blanket for 2-3 days and let my body rest.  I mean, it’s not like I’m 21 and can instantly heal.  I’m OLD!  But, having guests forced me to keep going.  And probably that is what has kept this old body from freezing up and getting incredibly sore following the “wreck”.  I think after an injury like that – if nothing is broken – the more you move, the better off you are.  Kinda like when you go to the gym for the first time after a long vacation, and the next day you have trouble getting out of bed.  You can lay there and feel sorry for yourself and swear to NEVER go back to gym, OR you can get up and go back again that day. 

So, I’m glad we had company and I kept going last week.  BUT – I am 61.  And Saturday and Sunday my old bones finally said, “Enough already.  Rest, you idiot!”  So I did.  Ted convinced me to walk downtown with him Sunday afternoon to get the photos of the Linda Lou, but my heart was really not in it.  My mind was still in “hibernate” mode, and we didn’t tarry long.  I took a two hour nap when we got home, then slept like a baby for almost 8 hours last night.

And this morning – I’M BACK!!!  Woke up feeling great, still a little sore in places, but nothing a couple of Bayer won’t take of.  I am ready to get back into the island.  I hit the wall, but instead of sliding down it and ending up in a heap on the floor, I bounced!

And that is where my computer died – right after that “I bounced” statement! 

Where do I start to catch up, after being away for 5 days?  How about the weather?  It is HOT!  You know, it’s really not hot, but it seems hot.  After June, July, and half of August posting highs in the high 60’s and low’s 70’s, three straight days in the low 80’s seem hot!  But, we’ve got fans running, the windows open, and it’s only really warm from about noon until around 4 p.m.  Then it cools right off.  We walked downtown Thursday night for dinner, and it was perfect.  Ate outside at the Chippewa.  A beautiful night to watch the boats come in and out of the harbor.  This warm weather is supposed to last through Sunday, then back to the 70’s.  I guess this will be our summer for the year.

I am over my fall except for the really big, really ugly strawberry on my knee, which has made me an instant hit with any child who sees it.  “Look at THAT!” they yell, pointing out my knee to everyone in the vicinity.  I call it my badge of escape, because I really did escape what could have been very serious.  If I had any doubts about that, the doubt vanished after a terrible accident on the island this weekend.  On Sunday night, a husband and wife who are locals, and who Ted and I know casually, left the Woods Restaurant riding their bikes home.  A group of teenagers on bikes came out of the woods in front of them (in the dark), and the gentleman ran head-on into their bikes.  He suffered an extremely serious head injury (no helmet), and the Coast Guard helicopter airlifted him off the island around midnight.  He had to have surgery on Tuesday after his condition worsened, but he has been upgraded to serious condition now from critical.  Bike accidents can happen so fast, and Ted and I both are now seriously dedicated to promoting helmet wearing on the island.

On Wednesday we hiked a trail I had never been on before.  It runs behind the East Bluff cottages, and there are barns and stables along the path.  It was a quiet road that wandered through a canopy of shade trees.  I will go back there again – it was very peaceful.






We came out on the east end of the East Bluff and walked back in front of the cottages.  I spotted another one of those great turtles that had been painted and auctioned off several years ago.


Right now the island’s premiere flower is the hollyhock.  They are everywhere – in front of the Grand, in everyone’s flower garden – we even have a few in front of our condo.  I used a couple of very tall ones to frame St. Anne’s church from the East Bluff.


On Wednesday night, we walked up Cadotte into Trillium Heights and ate hamburgers with the folks from the Park Service that Ted works with at the Visitor’s Center.  It was Don’s home, and it was the first time since leaving Georgia that I had eaten grilled hamburgers.  Oh man, they were good.  This was such a nice group of young men and women, all college students getting ready to go back to classes at the end of August. They have worked as Guest Service Representatives – selling admission tickets and providing guests with information on the State Park and the Straits area.  They will be missed on the island.

Andy, Trista, and Megan

Andy, Trista, and Megan


Besan, Jessica, and Andy

Besan, Jessica, and Andy


(left to right) Don, Megan, Ted, Besan, Jessica, and Andy

(left to right) Don, Megan, Ted, Besan, Jessica, and Andy

This morning we got up early and walked down Cadotte to town.  It’s so beautiful and quiet at that time of day.  The first ferries have not arrived to let off that first wave of tourists, there is no one on the Jewel Golf Course, and this morning there was only one taxi going up the hill – Jeanine’s number six.




We turned down French Lane, coming out on the highway around the island.  We walked to the end of the boardwalk, then followed the road around to the stairs leading up to the West Bluff.  There was a Great Lakes cruise ship coming under the bridge, probably heading for our harbor, and the cottages on the West Bluff looked majestic in the early morning haze.




The first “tier” of that climb is 100 steps.  You come out into a heavily wooded area where the effects of the island’s brutal winters are evident.  Trees have been toppled by heavy snow, and rock slides can be seen.  The final 90 steps bring you out at the turnstile at the east end of Pontiac Trail.






I believe that about brings you up to date on what’s been going on here while I’ve been off-line.  Here are a few more updates:

1)  Computer store in Georgia called today, and they are going to put another mother board in my laptop free of charge.  I will ship it down there Monday.  No clue when I will get it back.

2)  The plan to blog the wedding in September has been cancelled.  The bride and groom just did not feel comfortable about having their special day “out there” in cyberspace, and I can’t say that I blame them.  It was a great idea, and we might try it again later, but for now, no definite plans.

3)  I’m interviewing Stu Stuart, the comedian, next Friday and I can’t wait to see if he is as hilarious in person as he is on stage.

4)  Bonnie and Don have been out of town, but will be back this weekend.  Hope to set something up with them on the “caretaker” story early next week.

And please come back tomorrow for a follow-up on the “Chance Meetings” story posted on August 2.  Believe me – it’s a DOOZIE!


11 thoughts on “Seems Like Forever! 8/15/09

  1. Oh, these are the BEST pictures of all! We used to ski down that service roads behind the East Bluff homes! And I love the woods where the stairs come up – THAT is what I thin of when I am imagining the Island, not Main Street, nor the Chippewa, nor the Grand. Not even the harbor, but those woods!

    I’m so glad you’re back and that the company in Georgia is doing the right thing!

  2. Glad you’re blogging again! I look forward to the beautiful flower photos, so when I saw the hollyhocks I just had to comment. They are my absolute favorite from childhood. Mama always had them right outside our front door when I lived in the Banks Apartments in your old neighborhood. Such good memories!

  3. Glad to have you back and rested. I couldn’t imagine how you kept going and going and going! The pictures are beautiful on every blog. Maybe next year. I need to start getting into shape right now to prepare for the visit there. I can’t believe all that you do with your visitors! You are wonderful hosts!

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