Bad News, Good News 8/14/09

A south Georgia girl who lives on Mackinac island in the summers once said, “Always give the bad news first – it makes the good news even better.”

The bad news is my computer’s mother board video chip is toast.  No need to go into long-winded details.  Have no idea how long it will  be until it is fixed – IF it is fixed.  It is probably going to be shipped back to Georgia (where a new mother board was put in back in May –  right before we came north).  It lasted 3 months – I am not a happy camper. 

The good news is today we went to WalMart and purchased a teeny tiny Acer computer like I have been using of my neighbor’s.  I am going to attempt to blog from this until I get my laptop back or we buy a new one.  This little baby cost less than $300, and a very teeny tiny person is obviously supposed to use this keyboard, which is about the size of a paperback book.  Maybe I will get used to it.  I did find out that there is a camera card slot on these things (they keep it covered to protect it from dust, and I had no idea it was there). 

Right now it’s almost 11 p.m., and Ted just got this one set up and running.  You know I love each and every one of my readers, but starting a blog that late at night would not be a good thing.  There is just WAY too much to talk about.

So – here’s the deal.  On Saturday morning, August 15 – good Lord willing – there will be a new blog up and online. 

I CANNOT WAIT to tell you all the news about everything that has happened since we last talked  (I mean REALLY talked, not those updates). You will never know how much I have missed having a way to do this. 

Love you all, and see you Saturday morning!

P.S.  Thanks so much for all the kind comments.  They meant so much to me!  God bless.


10 thoughts on “Bad News, Good News 8/14/09

    • Hi. We really enjoy reading your Blog. On your new Acer mini you should have a few USB ports. You can pickup a simple USB mouse and keyboard at Wal Mart for approx. $10 each. That way you could avoid using the tiny keyboard.

  1. Welcome back!!!!!!! I can’t tell you how much I have missed your blog. What am I going to do this winter? Can not wait to see what you have for us tomorrow……WELCOME BACK

  2. I s there sumething on the island that`s murdering your computer? You had trouble when you were there the last time. lol. Seriously, i`m really missing you and hope to see you Sat. morning.

    • Last year I didn’t have a wireless connection until we returned in October for that month. I was using the internet cafe to check email. Of course, I wasn’t blogging then either, so having access wasn’t so important. There are a lot of internet issues up here, but I just think I got a “lemon” motherboard. Still waiting to hear from my computer people in Georgia on that.

      Miss you too! Love you!


  3. I have the same Acer netbook and believe me, it shouldn’t take you more than 3 or 4 days to get used to it’s keyboard. It is what I read your blog on each morning and I love its portability and 9hr battery life. I confess to using a usb mouse but the keyboard becomes manageable very quickly. What color did you get? Mine is brick red.

    I know it is not your baby but you will make do. Does it have a built in web-cam?

    I’m so glad you are back. I’ll jump out of bed tomorrow morning to read your blog. I will be a hunting widow for the next 3 days so I am going to turn and burn around here. Already worked an hour in the garden but it is too hot for more. Time to attack the pantry.

    I love you and Ted and I’m glad you adopted another “baby”.


  4. Oh boy, computer woes are no fun. Glad to hear that at least you have a little teeny new one, so we’ll get to hear all the news from the Island! You don’t have to head home soon to Georgia, do you? By the way, did you notice I gave you an award with today’s posting? Trying to send more people over to your fabulous blog (and maybe the Island too!)

    • Sorry I’ve taken so long to get back to you on this! Thanks so much for the mention AND the award! Now I’ve got to get busy and pay it forward!

  5. I’ve started back to work–school again. Have not visited your blog in the last couple of weeks. It was definitely “my loss!” I enjoy reading it so much. Thanks. It is like a great book that I cannot put down.

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