Georgia comes to Michigan 8/4/09

12:45 p.m.  Dawn and Stevie just called to let us know they are passing Gaylord, MI – one hour away from the ferry docks.  Ted rushed through a shower and headed down to catch the 1:30 ferry going over to Mackinaw City.  He should arrive just as our Georgia friends are parking their car.  That means they will be on the 2 o’clock ferry to the island, on a taxi up the hill by 2:30, and here at the condo by 3 p.m. at the latest – depends on how many other stops the taxi has for folks going to the “village”.  Before they arrive I need to brush Bear one more time, vacuum the downstairs one more time, wash my hair, and put on some mascara.  Well gee, I haven’t seen them since the middle of May – I think mascara is in order!  More later!


Here they come!



Dawn's here!

It’s now 9:10 p.m.  It’s been a full afternoon.  Dawn and Stevie arrived, put their luggage in the guest room, and said, “Let’s go!”

We decided to start off with a walk up to the West Bluff, taking the dogs so we could wear them out and leave them later on.  We cut up carrots to feed MacGyver and headed out.  MacGyver was not being cooperative today.  There was a new horse in the corral next to him, and it seemed he was more interested in that horse than carrots.  We walked on, and found Bonnie and Don in their garage feeding the chipmunks.  How lucky can you get!  We made introductions all around, and Bonnie got Charlie to actually crawl into her hand for the seeds she was offering him.


Bonnie and Don offered to give us all a tour of the gardens.  A lot had changed since she had shown me the garden a week ago.  Would you believe they spray painted these flowers white so they could enjoy them longer!


Bonnie showed Stevie and Dawn the “dog pond”, and we took Dawn’s picture next to “Pearl” one of the many turtles on the island that was auctioned off several years ago.




Bonnie showed us through her home.  We especially loved the train room.  One of the owners of the home had been the CEO of Lionel Trains.  There is a huge room with trains, train tracks, houses, and every imaginable accessory you could think of that would make up a child’s (or Stevie’s) dream world of trains. 




Ted and the dogs had come in the other way so he could see the trains without bringing the dogs through the house.  Bear was waiting patiently for his “mom” when we  made it back outside, and Maddie was trying to figure out how she could catch Charlie the chipmunk.


From Bonnie and Don’s, we walked on to the West Bluff, and Dawn and Stevie got their first glimpse of that fabulous view.


We walked past all the West Bluff homes and past the Grand Hotel porch, where I took a picture of Dawn in front of the flowers that line the front of the Grand.


We got back to the condo around 5 p.m., and the boys headed to the Pink Pony, while Dawn and I stayed behind to rest a bit and feed the dogs. 


A while later, Dawn and I walked down the hill and met the guys at the Pony for drinks, then we ate dinner at the Chippewa dining room.  We headed home after that so I could get this blog done.  I truly think the boys were planning on going out again after we got home, but once we hit the house, they decided they would just stay here. 


It’s amazing how fast our visitors learn that once you have hiked up and down our hill once or twice, it’s just as much fun to stay at the condo and turn in early as it is to go out again. 

Tomorrow will be a fun-filled day.  The sun is supposed to be out, the temps in the 70’s – a fantastic day on the island.  We are so glad Stevie and Dawn are here!


4 thoughts on “Georgia comes to Michigan 8/4/09

  1. Glad to see my “chics” got to your island safely, and from talking to them last night know they are having a good time already. From “The Pink Pony” of course. I guess ya`ll are up and running already this morning and so am I. Off to get Suzie Q. Hope ya`ll all have glorious time, they were so excited to get up there.
    Love ya`ll.

  2. Brenda,

    I’m so jealous! As a former real-life railroader and longtime railfan, I can’t believe the odds that the former CEO of Lionel Trains would have a cottage on the island…and fill some of it with trains! Absolutely wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing,

    • The train room is actually in what used to be the stable for the property. You would be blown away, Mike. In the “rec room”, there are shelves filled with trains. Amazing that he left them all!. I haven’t been in the actual cottage – all of this is in the converted stable where the caretakers have their apartment. When I do my Day in the Life of a MI Caretaker, I hope to have lots more pictures.

  3. How nice to have friends from home come to visit. Glad you could show them so much of the beauty of the Island. I like Pearl. A lot.

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