My “Happy” Hunt 7/30/09

Thanks to each of you who commented or emailed about Blake leaving, and who remembered me in your prayers yesterday.  He got safely to Atlanta, where his brother Jason and sister-in-law Blair are taking very good care of him for a few days before he travels to Orlando for a week.  He has two churches there who support him (he went to seminary in Orlando), and he will be visiting them and catching up with friends he has not seen in a year.  Then it will be back to Atlanta for a couple of days, before he leaves for China. 

Two weeks just seemed awfully short this time.  But when he returns next summer, he will be home for at least a year, and that will be a dream come true.

I got up this morning thinking I would take a walk and just find “happy” things to take pictures of today.  I still needed a little cheering up, and I knew sitting around the condo wasn’t going to accomplish that.  After lunch I told Ted I was going to walk downtown with my camera and see what I could find.  But I made a turn up MacGyver’s road instead and ended up never going any further than the West Bluff and the Annex.

Macgyver had his head stuck so far in his hay trough that I couldn’t even find his eyes, so I took a picture of his neighbor instead.  I should remember his name from the stable tour, but I don’t.  I do remember them saying that he was the shy one, and Macgyver was the social butterfly.  But today, “white horse” was friendly as could be.


Just beyond MacGyver’s corral is a beautiful park.  One of my favorite places there (that I can see through the fence), is a white bench sitting in a little patch of sunlight, surrounded by flowers.  From that bench, you could sit and watch the ferry boats go back and forth from Mackinaw City and St. Ignace to the island.


A little further down the road, I ran into Bonnie (Jill had introduced me to her at the Festival of the Horse last weekend).  She and her husband Don are caretakers for one of the West Bluff homes, and she had to show me her “almost” tame chipmunk, Charlie.  Charlie was a little shy with me there, but Bonnie says he will usually climb right into her hand for the seeds she feeds him.  There was a beautiful row of geraniums planted beside some chairs in the yard, so I took a picture of them also.  In a few weeks, I am going back and do a “Day in the Life of” story with Bonnie and Don.






As you are about to turn and go up Pontiac Trail from the West Bluff, there is a home sitting on the corner up on a hill.  The yards are always stunning, and one of its landmarks is a huge statue of an eagle, sitting on top of a replica of the earth, looking out over the straits.  Today the yards and flowerbeds looked like they had just been manicured – beautiful, beautiful!




One of my favorite houses on the West Bluff is this one.  There is just something happy about a white house with red flowers!


The brightly colored day lilies and daisies along the fence row adds even more to the appeal of the house.


As I walked further down the West Bluff road toward the Grand Hotel, this gorgeous tiered garden came into view.  I cannot even begin to imagine the hours of work that go into the preparation of this kind of display, but it is certainly worth the effort.


This beautiful West Bluff cottage has a small porch off what I assume to be a bedroom upstairs.  Red geraniums bloom outside the window and door.


Four perfectly placed white adironack chairs can be seen through the roses growing along a white picket fence in this West Bluff cottage yard.


Day lilies and daisies against a blue sky.


Walking along Pontiac Trail, I found this secret niche with an old wooden chair.  The cottage on this property is being renovated, and I can imagine former owners sitting in this old chair reading, or just enjoying the cool breeze off Lake Huron.


This beautiful hanging basket was outside the gate to a cottage off Pontiac Trail.


A sprinkler waters the grass and flowers in the landscaped area around this pool.  Over the back fence is the blue, blue water of Lake Huron.


I started my walk with a horse, and I ended it with one also.  This magnificent Friesian was standing at the fence of his corral when I walked by.  His back was covered with a blanket against the cool air.  I wish I could have gotten close enough to pet him.


So I found plenty of “happy” things during my walk.  Everywhere I look on this island there are beautiful sights – flowers, horses, trees, water, boats – even cheerful chipmunks!  Most beautiful of all though are the friends and family in Georgia and my new friends here who cared enough today to keep me in their prayers.  Thanks to you all.  Love you!


19 thoughts on “My “Happy” Hunt 7/30/09

  1. Hello again Bree,

    Even if your “happy hunt” didn’t accomplish your goal yesterday, it worked for me! I’ve been rather ill this week, but your blog has perked me up! We are “coming home” this Sunday, and I may have even talked my husband into staying an extra night. I have my bike ready, found the basket that goes on the front, and pulled out the 2 backpacks that I use just for this trip. Yea!

    Even though you are down right now, God has both you and Blake wrapped in His loving arms. We don’t “know” each other, but you have been in my prayers. Take care and, again, thank you!

    • Thank you so much, Steph, for remembering us in your prayers. You will be in mind also. I hope you are feeling much better. A visit to the island is just what the doctor ordered! Nothing perks me up like walking around this beautiful place. Safe travels to you and your husband.


  2. Georgious pictures. The more I see of them, the more i`m convinced that you have to do a coffee table book and put my name down for the first autographed copy. That is a “must” thing to look into and will give you something to do when you come home to ga. in the fall. Heck, we`ll even take orders. I`m ordering the first one tho.
    I`m so thankful Blake made it safely back to Atlanta, I know you miss him tho. Ya`ll take care of my ” chicks” as they head up that way to visit with you this coming up week. They are so excited they are beside themselves.
    Love ya`ll and hope you enjoy your next round of guests becouse they can`t wait to get there.

    • Thanks Marianne! We will take great care of “your chicks”. I will try my best to make sure Stevie and Ted behave themselves – you don’t have to worry about Dawn and I!

      Love you!

  3. What beauty there is all around you. Your walk is my walk each morning.

    I know you miss Blake intensely but when Charlie was overseas a friend said something that helped me: With, without, within. There is Someone bigger than Ted hugging you and rubbing your back. I know it is painful to not have enough time together but Blake is doing the most selfless thing a person can do…giving of himself for a greater good. What admiration and joy you must feel that you have nurtured someone who will change the world one person at a time.

    We love you and miss you and all of you are in our daily prayers. You bring joy to everyone that you touch.

    Sign me up for copy 2 of the coffee table book.



    • Ya’ll crack me up about the book – don’t have a clue how to pursue that. But will think about it.

      Love you!


  4. we also are thankful for a son like yours. it was so nice to see you yesterday, what great pictures you take,and i want a coffee table book too. charlie says hi and he likes his picture, he wants you to bring him a cracker

    • Bonnie,

      I’ll introduce you to my Charlie next year if you’ll introduce me to yours. Your Charlie has fatter cheeks than mine….

      Can hardly wait for day-in-the-life.


  5. I am Bonnie and Don’s daughter. I have been to the Island for many visits through the years. It is so beautiful and my kids love it. We have also fed Charlie right out of our hands. I loved your blog and will continue to read it. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to your blog on my parents day in the life on Mackinaw Island.

    • Hi Betsy!

      Thanks so much for writing – I’m glad you like the blog. I am really looking forward to doing the story on your mom and dad. They are an awesome couple!

      Brenda (Bree)

  6. Hi Bree. This is Bonnie and Don Foltz’s grand daughter, my dad found your blog and told me to look it up. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. And I’m definitely happy that you got to see Charlie. Next time you go, ask Gramma and Grampa about the birds which they’ve also “sort of” tamed. They fly out of the trees onto your hand if you have seeds for them.
    Keep up the good work(:

    • Hi Grace!

      How sweet of you to write. Your Gramma told me about the birds, and I hope they will be around to eat out of our hands when I do the story on your Gramma and Grampa.

      I’m glad you like the pictures. I love taking them!

      Brenda (Bree)

  7. hello Bree, I am Don Foltz’s sister and Bonnie’s sister in heart–and she posted your blog site on Facebook so we could check it out. Great job!! The last “walk” you took led me by or near one of the places I lived when my husband and I lived and worked on the island. So much fun to see what catches YOUR eye, as you go about daily life in paradise (at least most of the time!!) I will also add your son to my prayer list.

    • Thanks so much, Jan for adding Blake to your prayer list.

      I am laughing right now because I just got off the ferry because I had taken Bear to Cheboygan to get groomed. When I got off, there was Bonnie and Don welcoming family of THEIRS who I guess were on the ferry with me! Jill was there also. Your brother and Bonnie are awesome!


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