Boats, Bear, Boys, and Bees 7/22/09

Scary stuff last night.  We had been monitoring the Chicago to Mackinac Island race on Ted’s marine radio, and suddenly there was a call of “man in the water” under the Mackinac Bridge.  Immediately, the Coast Guard came on and began a “calling all boats” to locate the boat that had reported a person overboard.  We never heard any boat acknowledge the Coast Guard’s request.  About an hour later, as we were going to bed, we heard a helicopter go over the condos, followed by a plane.  We knew that meant the Coast Guard had called out search and rescue to try and locate someone.  The water in the Straits is still very cold –  it is not a place you want to be at night.  When we awoke this morning and I signed onto FaceBook, a friend of mine in Mackinac City reported that the helicopter had been out for several hours last night with the spotlights flashing back and forth in the water around the bridge.  When we went downtown with Blake this morning for breakfast at the Chippewa, we ran into the police chief on the corner and asked him about it.  He said it had turned out that someone had been crossing the bridge in their vehicle and had thought they had seen someone in the water below.  The whole thing, thank goodness, turned out to be a false report – not an intentional one, but one with sincere concern from a motorist. 

Before going downtown to breakfast, Ted and I walked the dogs up the West Bluff to see if there were any boats in sight.  There was a fog bank hanging over the Straits, but even in the fog, the view was incredible.  We counted 13 sailboats coming through, including the two I got crossing the finish line.




While we were downtown, I went to my “spot” from yesterday to record the difference in the harbor from one morning to the next.  Again, it was not what I had expected to see.  Of the 350 boats registered for the race, only around 75 have finished, and they have begun to fill up the outer slips of the marina and some slips at the coal dock.   There are many, many more to come.  The first shot is Monday morning, the second is Tuesday morning, the third is Tuesday morning at the coal dock.






Except for keeping up with the race, I just have to tell you that it has been a pretty icky day.  Bear is sick.  I called Doc Al about him last night after two bouts of – to put it delicately – “upset stomach”.  I had some medicine left over from last fall when Maddie was suffering from the same “upset stomach”, and Doc suggested giving that to Bear.  It looks and smells just like Pepto Bismol, and Bear was not the least bit excited about taking 4 tablespoons of the stuff.  So I crumbled up some bread and poured the pink goo on top of it.  He gobbled it right up.  When Ted took him outside around 11 p.m., he didn’t have an “upset stomach”, and we said “all right!”  Miracle goo!  No problems all night.  I coated Bear’s breakfast dog food in pink goo again, thinking a little more wouldn’t hurt.   An hour later, as we prepared to go out, Blake announced from upstairs that there was a big pile of “upset stomach” in the bunkroom.  Bear NEVER has an accident in the house, so I knew he had really been sick during the night, but wouldn’t wake us up to go out.  After rug cleaner, disinfectant, and scrubbing for 15 minutes, we left and went downtown.  When we returned and had been home about two hours, Bear calmly – to put it delicately – upchucked his entire pink breakfast on the den carpet.  I have a call in for Doc Al again.

My plan for the day was not going well.  I wanted to get all the sheets back on the beds from when Julie, Matt and the kids were here.  But first I decided to unload the dishwasher.  I was chatting away to Blake about something, picked up a coffee mug that I thought I had just taken out of the dishwasher, turned it over to sit it in the cabinet, and poured one full cup of coffee down my favorite white top.  Are you getting the gist of my day so far?

Ted and Blake both had one of those “guy” days of “what do I want to do”?  They had discussed biking around the island, lifting weights, and reading.  Ted finally got up and said, “I’m going to Mission Point to work out”, and Blake said, “I’m going riding.”  As soon as they changed into the appropriate “manly gear” for those two activities, it started to rain.  They immediately changed back into “manly relaxing gear” and sat back down.

Shortly afterward the rain stopped, Ted headed for the gym, and Blake left to bike around the island.  I was alone, and I finally started to get something done.  I put clean sheets on the guest room bed downstairs, clean sheets on all the bunk room beds, put out clean towels in the guest bathroom, straightened up the den and the kitchen counter, and sat down to write the above paragraphs on this blog.  Ted came back from the gym and settled down to read/nap, and I thought, “All right – the day has finally turned around!”  Then my cell phone rang, and the caller ID said it was Blake.

“Uh, mom?”  I’ll stop right here a moment.  All you mothers reading this – what is your first reaction when one of your children calls and says, “Uh, mom?”  Blake said, “I’ve (static) stung (more static) swelling (static).”  Before I could go into red alert,  Blake thankfully entered a no static zone, and said, “A bee flew in my mouth, and before I could get it out, it stung the inside of my bottom lip.  It feels as big as my head.”  I asked him if he was having any problem breathing, if his tongue was swelling, if his chest hurt.  No to all that.  “Ok,” I said.  “Stop somewhere and get some ice for the swelling.”  By the time he got home, he said his lip was smaller (I would have hated to see it before – it looked like he had just had three root canals with two shots of Novocaine for each one).  I searched through the medicine cabinet, found no Benedryl, called Laurie, and she brought some down.  Blake’s lip is now almost back to normal, with a little TLC from Maddie.


So now we’ve had supper (homemade pizza-another Blake favorite), Ted is watching TV, Blake is on the computer, and I’m blogging.  Tomorrow we’re going to the Governor’s summer residence for a tour, then Blake and Ted are going grocery shopping in Cheboygan.  I plan to have another update from the harbor, because by then all the boats will have finished.

I thought I should also mention that my “Day in the Life of” series has not been forgotten.  It will begin again next week after Blake returns to Georgia.  We are enjoying having him here so much.  He loves the island and being able to spend the day exploring, biking, finding quiet places to read, and enjoying his mom’s cooking (I think he likes it a little better than Chinese food).  His time with us is going by way too fast.


12 thoughts on “Boats, Bear, Boys, and Bees 7/22/09

  1. By pure coinsidence did I wander into your blog. Beautiful.
    My Bear was sick a couple of weeks ago with the same thing. But he was fed people food by some of our guests, without my consent. I hope your Bear is feeling good now 🙂

    • Hi Iris!

      My Bear is much better this morning. The vet said he just got into some “exotic poo”, something that happens quite often on the island. What kind of dog is your Bear? I saw you have have a blog also, and I clicked there for about two minutes, as we are walking out the door. I will be back to visit when I return. It looks wonderful.

      Brenda (Bree)

      • Hi Bree, my Bear is a 14 year old Chocolate Lab. I have only had him since last year June.

        Will you spend all summer on the island or are you living there now? I guess I could find out by reading. I have to find the time… 🙂

      • We came in May and will be here through October. It is wonderful! Our last big dog was a chocolate lab, Bud. I’m like you, very little time to read anyone else’s writing, and I LOVE to read. I am going to add your blog to my blog roll, if that is ok with you?

      • I’d love for you to do that. I have to confess to once having a secret (except from my husband) ambition of owning an inn up here when we retired. So you are living one of my dreams. I get to live that through you!

  2. Too funny, Bree, I just saw your Boats, Bear, Boys, and Bees after posting an all “B”s entry: Beer, Blues, Boats, and Bologna at
    Coincidence or Great Minds?!?
    Glad all ended well.

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