Let the fun begin! 7/11/09

The grandkids are coming!  The grandkids are coming!  Ted and I woke up this morning with that thought breaking through the cobwebs of sleep and popping us out of the bed faster than we’ve gotten up all summer. 

Ok – all you grandparents out there can relate to this, but I need to say it.  We LOVE having our children come here and to the lake house in Georgia.  We LOVE OUR CHILDREN!!!  But, good grief, grandchildren just put that love into a whole new dimension.  They are children – those wonderful, care-free, happy, laughing all the time, say the funniest things, full of joy, precious, beautiful children!  When they come, Ted and I turn into children.  We love it!

Julie had called late Thursday evening, having driven a lot farther into the night than we would have liked.  She had a last minute car issue that morning, and had been later leaving than she had planned.  Julie is amazing – hopping in the car with an almost 7-year old and a 9-year-old and driving halfway across the country doesn’t faze her.  She has been doing that since she and Matt moved with the children to Arkansas.  But we worry – we’re parents – and we worry.  When she called, she and the kids were in Indiana, safe in a hotel.  We breathed a sigh of relief.

8:00 a.m.  Julie has already called this morning to tell us she just crossed the Michigan state line – with 400 miles to go.  We are thinking that they should be at the ferry docks in Mackinaw City around 4 p.m.  We are excited to the max!

guest roomI plan to finish up my house cleaning this morning, then put together a breakfast fruit salad that Jordan and Matthew want me to make for them everytime they come.  They eat it all day long – for breakfast, for snacks, for a bedtime treat.  They call it “BeeBe’s fruit”, and they love it.  On our shopping trip to Cheboygan this week, we bought peanut butter (smooth-their favorite), fruit loops, frozen blueberry pancakes (I could lie and tell you I get up and make breakfast every morning for them, but I don’t), syrup – all the things that are not normally on our grocery list that we know the kids love.  That’s what grandparents do, right?  The guestroom is ready for Julie, the bunkroom is ready for Jordan and Matthew.





1:30:  Julie just called to report that she is an hour away.  Ted has gone down the hill to catch the 2:00 ferry, which should put him in Mackinaw City about the time Julie, Jordan, and Matthew pull into the parking lot.  He’ll call me when he figures out which ferry they will be on (2:30 or 3:00), then I will hotfoot it down the hill to meet them.  Excited, excited, excited!!

2:30: Ted just called from Mackinaw City.  Julie had decided to stop in Gaylord and pick up a few items at WalMart.  Her daddy now says they will be on the 3:30 ferry.  Julie will have driven 18 hours over the last two days.  She is tired – the kids, on the other hand, are ready to hit the ground running!

4:00:  They’re here!  It’s so wonderful to watch your children and grandchildren come off that boat with big grins on their faces.  Julie and the kids have brought their bikes this time so they won’t have the expense of renting them.  They are going to have so much fun just jumping on the bikes whenever the mood strikes them and riding around the neighborhood – no cars to worry about – but there are a few rules they will have to learn about the horses!




Ted and I planned to ride a taxi home with all the luggage, and we were planning on Julie and the kids riding with us.   We were going to put the bikes on a dray to come up the hill later.  But the three of them wanted to ride their bikes.  We tried to talk them out of it.  We weren’t worried about Julie making it – she and Matt are planning to run in the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C. in October, and they have been training for months.  But the kids?  Well, we’d see.  I told Ted if they couldn’t make it, I would get out and push their bikes, and they could hop on the taxi.  Don’t know why we worried.  They beat us up the hill!!








We got the taxi unloaded, the kids got some water, and they were ready to go again.  We took the dogs and walked over to the West Bluff, then came back through the side yard at the fort so they could run off some more energy.






After going back to the condo and feeding the dogs, we walked downtown to The Chippewa for dinner.  We stopped at the beautiful  garden behind Dwight and Jeff’s home on Market Street.  Every year Jeff puts a sign up by the fence with a game of “Can you find it?”  He places 10 different items in the garden that you must locate, and there is always someone leaning over the fence trying to find the hammer and the frog and the 8 other objects he has hidden.  It’s great fun for kids AND grownups!   We ate upstairs outside at the Chip looking out over the marina.  I seriously thought the kids were going to fall asleep in their dinner plates, but they revived instantly when GDaddy said, “Ice cream!”


We made it home just ahead of the thunderstorms they had been predicting all day.   Jordan and Matthew are already sound asleep upstairs in the bunk room.  Julie, Ted and I may talk for a few more minutes, but we are fading fast.  The children will be up early Saturday morning, searching the frig for “BeeBe’s fruit”.  It’s right where they can find it.


NOTE:  I usually do not post a new blog for Sunday, but if we do what I think we are going to do tomorrow, I will probably write about it Saturday night, and it will be online Sunday morning.  If the plan doesn’t work out for tomorrow, I will be back online Monday morning.  Thanks, as always for your loyalty and your comments.  God bless.


9 thoughts on “Let the fun begin! 7/11/09

  1. You’ve got me checking your blog BEFORE I go down for coffee!! Glad everyone arrived safe & sound. You are going to have a wonderful time with the children & so are WE, reading about it.

  2. What a joy to think that I’m related to this wonderful traveling circus. I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Julie or the kids without huge smiles on their faces. I need to find out from Julie how she stays so young looking. You are going to have a fabulous summer and we are going to delight in reading about it.

    Love to all,


    • Julie LOVED the “traveling circus” comment! She said that is exactly what she feels like!.

      We’re about to leave to go over to tour Round Island Lighthouse. They open it once a year to the public. Watch for pics tomorrow!

      Love ya’ll!

  3. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past week. Cathie is trying to advance my technological knowledge. I guess next I’ll have to use my cell phone. Tell Julie and the kids hello. They look great and I know you are looking forward to the rest of the family showing up. Y’all have fun. This is my first blog comment.I don’t want to burn out.

    • Dear Frog,

      Thank you so much for your comment. There is no one I would rather hear from than a former Delta pilot who still can’t use a cell phone. Charlie, you really should come on into the 21 century with the rest of us. I guess that sounds funny coming from me though – after all I love living where there are NO CARS!!! Love you!


  4. Oh, you are living my dream!!!! A house full of family on the Island and lots of time to do stuff (although in a few weeks you will be saying there wasn’t enough time – lol)

    Can’t wait for your Round Island trip!!! Last time I ‘toured’ the lighthouse, I nearly fell through the the stairs! We were on a ski team picnic and two of us had walked around from the ‘back side’ of Round Island to explore the lighthouse (ca spring, 1969). I longed to see it restored and now… it is!

  5. Bree:
    Not to waste time on this now, but want to be sure you have my email so Ican send you into on IWWG. I just notified the follow-up via email box, and wonder if that is where I send my email address to, or does my address come to you automatically with a blog response.

    There is an IWWG website http://www.iwwg.com
    but I’d like to tell you about the true impact that group has had on writing in the honest and great spirit that you do.

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