It’s the Weekend – Right? 6/27/09 and 6/28/09

It’s the weekend!!

What does that mean when you and your husband are retired and living on Mackinac Island?  I will admit that I sometime ask Ted, “What day is today?”  He knows I’m not asking the date – I want to know if it’s Tuesday or Thursday.  Up here the days just sort of roll into each other, unmarked by schedules and deadlines.  Now that Ted has taken a volunteer job twice a week, perhaps the days will have more structure (two of them anyway), but we find we like the sameness of most of our days.  For a couple who has worked since we were teenagers and put in our “over 30 years” for Ted and “almost 30 years” for me in education, the routine of sharing a life together at home can be occasionally annoying, sometimes magical, but all the time happy.

Since it’s Friday, and I will be taking my weekend vacation day tomorrow (no new blog for Sunday), I wanted to just share a few newsy items that I haven’t mentioned yet this week. 

1)  Ted loved volunteering at the Welcome Center.  He enjoyed so much meeting all the people who came in, and trying to answer their questions.  He was certainly in his element as a “people person”. 

2)  Karen, the City Clerk, called me while I was in Cheboygan yesterday and asked if I would volunteer at the Stuart House on Market Street on Saturday for a couple of hours.  Of course I said yes.  The Stuart House holds history on Island military veterans,  the Island’s former health facility, and the former Thomas Ferry School.  The building originally served as the headquarters for John Jacob Astor’s American Fur Company, and the living quarters for his agents.  Karen said if I liked it, maybe I would like to be “on call” for other places when the need arose.  Well, you know I’m going to like it.  She said that, more than anything, people asked questions about what it’s like to live here – do ya think I might enjoy talking about that?!

3)  I’ve been blogrolled!  Kath Usitalo added me to her blogroll and wrote a little about my blog on hers.  Kath and I connected through the blogosphere when she wrote several stories on Mackinac Island while visiting here.  She is a lifelong Michiganian and has written  about the Great Lakes State and other destinations for a number of newspapers, magazines, and web sites.  Her blog address is (she’s on my blogroll as “Great Lakes”).  If you want to check out what she wrote about “bree”, click on the link, click on June 24 on her calendar on the right side of the page, then on the “Beyond Fudge” title.

4)  The final “i” has been dotted, and the final “t” crossed.  I talked with Dr. Bill Chambers, an island veterinarian, who was my contact person for my “Day in the Life Of” series.  He gave me across the board permission to job shadow taxi and carriage tour drivers, street sweepers, and barn workers.  Through him, and through Denise and her husband Mike at the Carriage Museum hooking me up with other island locals, this promises to be a great way to meet the folks that really make the island “work”.  I’ve also talked to Maddie and Bear’s vet on the island, Doc Al, and he might let me tag along with him one day on a barn call.  I still have to make contact with a fudge maker and a ferry dock porter.   I am EXCITED about being able to do this series, and I hope to have the first one out next week.  Please let me know if you can think of others you would like to read about.

5)  Our lilacs in front of the condo are finally blooming, and the water we can see through our little “opening in the trees” is bluer than ever!



I met Ted downtown at the Pink Pony at 6 o’clock Friday afternoon.  We love the new outdoor bar – you are facing the marina and can watch the boats come and go.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and I will see you back again here bright and early on Monday morning.  God bless.




10 thoughts on “It’s the Weekend – Right? 6/27/09 and 6/28/09

  1. I am glad you got permission from Dr. Bill! I hope you get to harness a horse… I would like to hear about that 🙂 and hopefully you’ll get to ride with me sometime!

    • I’ve already asked to job shadow you, so I hope that will work out. Me? Harness a horse? Do you not like me, Jeanine? 🙂

  2. That series will be great. The interesting things that people do as their second jobs will be a surprise to most of us. Who knows…you could have a wall street driver driving the dray. Love the pics and looking forward to Pink Pony al Fresco next year.

    As a side note, could you use your lilac header again. I try to save your headers for wallpaper and I missed saving that one.


  3. Sounds like you have a lot of fun plans coming up, Bree. Both of your volunteering comittments sound intriguing. And I just “met” Kath Usitalo recently too. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, Kathy

  4. Hi Kathy! We are having a quiet, rainy Sunday after a busy Saturday volunteering. What a great way to begin to really feel a part of this special community. Just visited your site – your photographs are amazing! Thanks for blogrolling me. I plan to add your site to my blogroll today – should have already done it!

  5. is the Doud Grocery store the oldest continously operating grocery store in the country?

    With the same name, i find it interesting where all the members of the family have settled since departing Madison/Guilford, CT area in 1638. thespelling w/ a ‘u’ less common than an ‘w’.

    you have a very interesting blog that i stumbled on and have enjoyed reading it.

    Don Doud

    • Hello Don! It seems that I have read that Doud’s IS the oldest continously operating grocery store in the country, but I will be glad to check on that for you. I do not know the Doud’s, but I think there are a few people that I do know that could answer your question. I will get back in touch when I know something.
      Thanks so much for writing!

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