Randomness – Part II 6/20/09

I had the blog all planned for today.  I met Carolyn last year when she was the manager of The Grand Hotel Outlet Store.  I was in and out of there practically every day, and we chatted a lot.  She is from Wisconsin and was spending the summer in employee housing while she worked at the store; her husband came over every two weeks or so to spend the weekend.  It was just something she had always wanted to do.  She and her husband had spent a lot of summers on the island for a month at a time, but she wanted the experience of spending the summer.  With her grown children gone from home and with the blessing of her husband, she had been free to do that.

We corresponded some by email over the winter, and although she wasn’t going to be working on the island again this summer, she was coming for the month of June and renting a house downtown on the water.  She called last week when Tommy and Sandi were here, and we made a lunch date for today.  Unfortunately, this morning she called to say she was under the weather and asked could we reschedule for next week.  Of course that was fine, but it did put me at a loss for a story for today, because Carolyn was going to be “it”.  I planned to play Q&A with her about her experiences working all summer on the island, and I just knew the “living in employee housing” part had to have a story in there somewhere!

So, with that bright idea turned off for the time being, I’ve pulled out some more of my random photos to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy wandering around the island taking them!  This will kind of make up for yesterday’s non-photo blog.

I was walking behind the fort recently and spotted Ben driving a beautiful buggy, full of Grand Hotel guests.  Ben was in full Master Horseman regalia, giving the passengers a bit of Mackinac Island history.  Every time I see horses out of the Grand stable, my bottom jaw drops – they are so striking.


There is a flower bed beside the Iroquis Hotel that runs all the way back to The Carriage House Restaurant (a part of the Iroquis).  No matter what time of year you pass, it is always beautiful, and something is always in full bloom.  The Carriage House is a wonderful place to dine at lunch or dinner (I don’t think we’ve ever had breakfast there).  Ted and I are bad about eating a Cobb salad for lunch, then ordering the Mackinac Island Puff, their signature dessert.  It features ice cream, puff pastry, and hot chocolate fudge sauce – need I say more?


A quiet, rainy morning downtown shortly after we arrived in May . . .


. . . and a busy sunny afternoon in June.


Bear – about to start working on his daily crossword puzzle.  When I asked him if he had rather do his puzzle or go catch the tennis ball, the macho side of his brain quickly won out over the nerd side of his brain.


Judy, one of our neighbors in the condos, had a dove make a nest above her backporch light fixture.  The dove is now so used to people going in and out she no longer flies off when we approach.  Her eggs hatched this morning.


Back in May, when we had just arrived, this little boy was coming home from school on a very rainy day.  His mom had him all prepared for wet weather.


Round Island Lighthouse in the afternoon haze.  I took this picture today from the bluff at Anne’s Tablet. 


Even though the Lilac Festival ended Sunday, the lilacs are just now in what I would call full bloom.  Walking downtown this afternoon, I took picture after picture of the lilac bushes and trees.  There is no way I can feature just one, so I’m posting several.  Ted and I both have said that we have never seen them more beautiful, but maybe that is because we have never been here at the height of lilac season.

Lilac trees surround the sign for Hart's, a small motel-style inn on Market Street.

Lilac trees surround the sign at Hart's, a small motel-style inn on Market Street.

Trinity Church, at the base of Fort Street, is framed by some of the hundreds of lilac bushes in Marquette Park.

Trinity Church, at the base of Fort Street, is framed by some of the hundreds of lilac bushes in Marquette Park.

Red geranium hanging baskets stand out against a mass of lavender lilac blossoms.

Red geranium hanging baskets stand out against a mass of lavender lilac blossoms.

Horseback riders amble slowly down lilac-lined French Lane.

Horseback riders amble slowly down lilac-lined French Lane.

Maddie half buried in an endless blanket of about-to-bloom lilies of the valley.  She was going after “something”.


Even the garbage bins on Mackinac Island grow flowers!


A freighter navigates into the cut between Round Island Lighthouse, built in 1895, and used continuously for 52 years, and the new space-age white automatic beacon used today.


 And finally, another view of one of my favorite spots on the island – Anne’s Tablet.  Several blogger buddies asked me what is written on the Tablet, so I went back up there yesterday and wrote it down.  I think these are lines from the book “Anne”, written by Constance Fenimore Woolson, who loved Mackinac Island.

“She used to whisper to them to tell them how much she loved them ‘her dear friends’.

She loved the island and the island trees; she loved the wild

larches, the tall spires of the spruces bossed with lighter green,

the gray pines and the rings of the juniper.”

 Hear the rustling and the laughing

of the forest and the wash of the waters

on the pebbly beach.


There will not be a blog posted for Sunday (no visitors coming, just need a holiday).  Bright and early Monday morning, good Lord willing, there will be new adventures to read about from beautiful Mackinac Island.  Oh, by the way, Maddie asked me to tell you that she has been working hard on her blog and has almost finished it.  She said if she could just keep that pesky chipmunk and that slitherly garden snake, both living under the boardwalk, from constantly teasing her into chasing them, she might could get it finished.

See you Monday, and God bless!

3 thoughts on “Randomness – Part II 6/20/09

  1. Even and day of “randomness” tells a thousand stories. I hope your blisters are healing well. I love the pictures of the lilacs and Anne’s tablet. I’m glad to have the words from the tablet because I remember them as being beautiful.

    I miss you and live vicariously through you and your guests. I know it was hard to see them go.

    I love your picture gallery days and although there is no cohesive story, the pictures of the island on an normal day are the story.

    Love you and miss you,


  2. Please, please; please send me a mackinac island puff. My taste buds are going crazy. A picture will do.
    The lilacs are breath taking, and since my name and the color of the lilacs are the same it`s little wonder that lavender is my favorite color.
    Hope your TOE is a lot better, give it some rest today, and tell Ted we wish for him a ” Happy Father`s Day”.
    Love ya`ll.!!!!!!!!!!!!

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