Meeting Mike – 6/17/09

The last two days have been full of activity for Sandi, Tommy, Ted and I.  Tomorrow I plan to write a long blog filling you in on their final 2 1/2 days with us and sharing some really great pictures.  But for tonight (it is now 11:36 p.m., and we have been on the go since 7 a.m. this morning), I just wanted to give you this brief post and go to bed (because, frankly dear friends, Bree is TIRED)!

When Tommy and Sandi got up Monday morning, they were both moving a little more slowly, thanks to several hikes up and down our famous hill – by the way, Tommy says he will make sure to tell everyone in Georgia that what we call hills, he has always called mountains!

You remember me mentioning that Mike Forrester, another Mackinac Island blogger from Atlanta (, wanted to meet Ted, Bear, Maddie and I on Monday.  He was on the island doing video of the Lilac Festival and was connecting with as many of his blogging family as he could.  

Two funny things happened on the way to meet Mike at 11 a.m. across from The Grand Hotel.   A carriage full of tourists passed us, and one of them yelled out, “There’s Maddie and Bear!”  I looked for someone I recognized, but saw no one on that carriage that I had ever seen before.  Maybe a blog reader?

The other thing was we met Anna as we got closer to The Grand Hotel.  I have mentioned her several times on this blog, and Sandi and I stopped to speak.  She said, “The craziest thing just happened.  This man I have never seen before called to me, using my name.  I turned around, and he said, ‘I recognize you from Bree’s blog'”.  She thought that was the neatest thing!  It turned out to be Mike, who actually had recognized Anna from all the pictures I had posted of her working outside The Grand. 

So finally, we reached Mike, who was waiting for us at one of The Jockey Club tables closest to the street.  Maddie and Bear were properly introduced, and we all sat down and visited for a while.  He and his wife and child love Mackinac Island as much as we do, and they are hoping to one day be where Ted and I are now – living here at least part of the year.  Mike has a video production company in Atlanta, and his largest client is The Weather Channel.  When you see Jim Cantore or Mike Seidel on the location of all those hurricanes (or other major weather stories), it is usually Mike and his crew on the other side of the camera getting those shots. 

We had a great visit, and when he returns to the island with his family in September, Ted and I hope to meet them for dinner.


Please come back tomorrow for all the fun we’ve had with Tommy and Sandi during the last part of their visit.  We hate to see them leave – the time has gone too fast!




7 thoughts on “Meeting Mike – 6/17/09

  1. I love your blog heading picture, please send me a copy if you can. Great story of you and Mike, we may end up having a celebrity in our bunch.
    Now get some rest for the next couple of days so you`ll be ready for the next guests. When do the next ones come in.
    Love and kisses.!!!!!!

  2. Brenda,

    What a pleasure it was to meet you, Ted, Maddie and Bear on Monday. The trip was truly wonderful and I met nearly a dozen online friends in person.

    Before I left yesterday, I walked up to Anne’s Tablet, where the Lady Slippers are starting to bloom and reflected on how lucky I am to know of this magical island.

    Reading your stories helps keep it close while I’m away. Thank you!

  3. Hey Bree, I’ve been away since the beginning of the month but just couldn’t wait to get back to catch up on your blog. In the past couple weeks I’ve been coaching my special olympic volleyball team at their state games which I really didn’t end up coaching because I got sick while we were there. I’ve been battling an upper respiratory infection with an ear infection, can relate to your Mucinex D that I am also using right now and my daugter got married this past Saturday. It’s been a busy time for me, but even with all the excitement in my life, I missed reading your blog. I have to iterate what Mike says about reading your blogs. It helps me keep close to this paradise as well when we aren’t there. I’ll be looking for you when we are on the island next month but if I call out to you Bear and Maddie, I will let you know who I am. :o)
    I love Mike’s thoughts of reflecting at Anne’s tablet. That is one of our stops on this years trip since we have not gone over there yet. It certainly sounds like a perfect place to reflect on the joy and blessing of having this beautiful island in my life.

  4. It seems like I have been away forever!! I am trying to catch up on your blog and I haven’t gotten to Mikes vidio clips yet but It sure is good to be back in the USA. I am bummed that we missed Mike but we will catch up with him in September. Did you hear that we passed on I75 last week?Please order some good sunny warm weather for me. I am very sick of rain and cold unless it is on my beachfront tnen it’s OK no matter what God throws my way.

  5. Bree, this post jogged my memory. I believe my husband and I met you at the top of the hill one day a few years ago because of Bear. We just spoke briefly, but my husband, Bruce, remembers it as well. We were either walking or riding our sport trikes. Anyway, thought I’d share…


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