Sandi and Tommy’s first day on the island

I think we have scared some of our friends half to death talking about the hill we live on and how long it took to get used to climbing it (how long I took anyway – Ted acclimated himself to it a lot more quickly than I did).  I’ve tried to make sure that everyone who visits understands that there are two absolute essentials you need to bring with you up here: 1) a great pair of walking shoes; and 2) the ability to pace yourself.  Tommy and Sandi took heed to both those suggestions and are doing great on all our hills.  But I still would have loved to have captured the look on their faces the first time they stood at the base of Turkey Hill and looked up!  It’s enough to make a mountain goat faint! 

Saturday morning dawned sunny and beautiful. Ted and I took the pups on a long walk while Tommy and Sandi slept in, trying to recover from two days “gettin” here. When we got back to the condo, Tommy was pouring their first cup of coffee. It didn’t take long before they were both observing their first Mackinac Island oddity.  Tommy happened to glance out a back window and said, “There are horses in your backyard.”   Laurie and Matt, who have a condo in our complex, had ordered some new furniture, and the dray was making that delivery.  Ted, Tommy and Matt hauled the boxes off the dray and up the two flights of stairs in their condo.  In the meantime, the horses had some extra breakfast.  “Welcome to Mackinac”, Tommy!



We ate some breakfast fruit I had put together the night before so it could be chilling, and Ted ran next door to the Carriage Museum for fresh donuts.  Our only real plan for the day was to be at Windermere Point at 1 p.m. for the Dog and Pony Show, an event during the Lilac Festival where dogs and horses are dressed up in theme clothing (this year it is a circus theme), and prizes are awarded for the animal who best represents the theme.

Around 11:30 a.m. we started toward town, with a detour up Annex Road to the West Bluff.  We wanted to show Tommy and Sandi the cottages up there, plus from there we could walk through The Grand Hotel on our way to town.  They got their first look at the Straits (from above them, rather than riding on them in the ferry) on one of the prettiest days we have seen since we got here in May.  The high was 71 today – I just wish the weather had been this great for Charlie and Cathie.



We went to The Grand the back way from the West Bluff, walked down that long, long porch with all the rocking chairs, and slipped inside so they could get a glimpse of the hotel.  The aerial photography room is always the first place we take visitors because it is so stunning.  Ted, of course, is a first class tour guide.



 By now it was time to leave for the animal costume contest, but we did detour by and say hello to John down at The Grand pool house. John is in charge of the pool, weight room, and sauna.  He lives up the hill past our condo, and we got to know him last summer.   The water has now been heated to a balmy 81 degrees, and I think Sandi and I both will take advantage of that sometime this week.

Windermere Point was packed out with people, dogs, and horses.  We found a spot to watch from and pulled out our cameras.  The animals lined up, and they and their owners paraded in front of the crowd and the judges.  UNBELIEVABLE costumes!


They have ELEPHANTS on the island? Nope, just a pony dressed as one!

A dog dressed as a lion.

A dog and his owner dressed as clowns.

There were greyhounds dressed as horses . . .

There were greyhounds dressed as horses . . .

. . . and greyhounds dressed as clowns.

. . . and greyhounds dressed as clowns.

There were lions . . .

There were lions . . .

. . . and butterflies (haven't figured out what this had to do with the circus!

. . . and butterflies (haven't figured out what this had to do with the circus!

This was my SECOND favorite costume.  I know my friends Marianne and Cecil in Georgia will LOVE this one because they have a Boston named Petey!  Three Boston Terriers were wearing three elephant costumes, and they were walking tail to trunk to tail to trunk.  It was sooo cute!

Three little elephants went out to play.

Three little elephants went out to play.

And, of course, my absolute FAVORITE – BEAR, the clown!!!  I’m KIDDING!  I said I was going to tell ya’ll that this was Bear, because it sure could have been his twin brother.  But, this is another gorgeous golden dressed as the cutest clown I have ever seen.  We didn’t wait around to see who won, but this baby sure would have if I’d been judging!

Soooooo cute!

Soooooo cute!

We went to the Village Inn for a lunch of yellow perch appetizers and whitefish sandwiches.  Yummy!!!  Sunday will be a busy day with the parade topping it off at 5 p.m.  Our neighbor Don “Duck” Andress, a full-blooded Indian, will lead the parade as the Grand Marshall.  I can’t wait to see him in his buckskins and chief’s headdress, riding a paint horse at the head of the parade.  Duck is our across-the-street neighbor, and I plan to write a story about him soon.  He has led quite an interesting life.


2 thoughts on “Sandi and Tommy’s first day on the island

  1. Love your pictures of the circus parade, and especially the bostons. They are precious. That is a great picture of Tommy and Sandi. Enjoy your week and hope your toe is better.
    Love ya`ll miss ya`ll.

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