Company’s coming! . . . . . (5/29/09)

Today I had to houseclean.  Nothing I could do was going to make that into something interesting to write about, so I will just go ahead and apologize now.  Sometimes you just have to do normal stuff.  I decided to takes breaks throughout the day and jot down what was going on as I cleaned.  We’ll call it a reality check – Mackinac Island style.

9:57 a.m. – Ted has just left to go back to Wal-Mart in Cheboygan (to get the things he couldn’t entrust to me to figure out – pork chops, hamburger meat, steaks, ribs, etc. – in other words all the MANLY food items).  I have never figured out how he thinks the kids and I survived all those years before we got married with just me to do the grocery shopping.  Our company arrives sometime Friday afternoon.  Cathy and Charlie are relatives.  Cathy is Ted’s first cousin, but they think of each other as brother and sister because Cathy lived with them when they were children.  They left New Orleans on Tuesday, and have been slowly making their way north – with several overnight stops at places of interest along the way. 

The yellow is looking a little better since I broke it up with some blue and white.

The yellow is looking a little better since I broke it up with some blue and white.

10:03 a.m. – Off to put up my new shower curtain, put together the new lamp, and figure out how to add the box the lamp is in to the tied up stack of cardboard Ted has bundled up at the trashcan.  It is trash day.  Mackinac Island is a remarkedly “green” place to live, and recycling is required by all residents.  I just hope the trash dray comes to pick up before Ted gets back home so he won’t see I messed up his perfect bundle of perfectly cut-up boxes.  Have I mentioned that I am NOT a perfectionist, and someone else who lives here is.

11:28 a.m. – Ted has called 5 times from Wal-Mart.  I made the mistake of asking him to return a lamp shade I bought yesterday.  Specifically, I said “Please just return it, and get the money back – do NOT look for a replacement.”  He has called three times from the lamp shade aisle.  Bless his heart, he is trying so hard to keep me from returning to Wal-Mart again before company arrives.  He doesn’t have to worry – I’m not going anywhere.  But this house is never going to get cleaned if I can’t stay off the phone.

12:39 – Ted just called for the 7th time.  He is leaving Cheboygan to try and catch the next ferry.  I finally got my shower curtain up, three loads of clothes on to wash/dry, took out the dogs twice (in the rain).  Up here I really miss IMG_0632our fenced yard in Georgia.  Maddie has been sitting at the door looking for her daddy.  She thinks every man who walks up the hill is Ted.  She sees one coming, then goes flying down the stairs to the backdoor, with Bear right on her heels.  They sit down there at the landing long enough to figure out they must have been mistaken, then Bear comes back up to lay down behind the couch, and Maddie goes back to her vigil by the deck door.

12:11 p.m. – I was standing at the kitchen window fixing myself some lunch when I noticed a horse and rider stopped dead still in the middle of the road.  The teenager was barely touching the horse with his heels and gently saying, “Giddup, giddup”.  Nothing – that horse was like a statue.  There was a teenage girl on a paint horse behind them, and she was giggling like crazy.  A taxi soon pulled up to them (the taxi couldn’t go by, there was no room).  The taxi driver took his whip and popped the horse on the rump, and the horse starting moving.  “You’ve got to show him you’re the boss”, taxi driver said to teenager. 

IMG_0637The taxi went on up the street, and the horse turned into the lane in front of our condos (which is off limits to riding horses).  That horse was going exactly where he wanted to go and nowhere else.  The young man was pulling on the reins, talking/shouting to him – the horse was wandering all over the grass, having a munchy grass salad for lunch.  Finally, Denise from the Carriage Museum walked out to them, grabbed the bridles of both horses and led them down the hill.  So much for “who’s the boss”.


IMG_04702:24 – Ted is home, and Maddie can finally leave her door watch and take a nap.

4:15 p.m. – Ted was sooo tired after he got back from Wal-Mart.  He put up all those manly meats, ate lunch, and took a little nap.  Then he said that he thought he would wander on down to the Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel for a little while (which is a TED-ism for “I’m going to have a couple of beers with the boys”.  Now if we were at home, I would know what “boys” he was going to “have a couple” with.  Here, it is someone different every time he goes.  He just sits at the bar and starts talking to whomever sits down.  An hour later, he has told his entire life story, has heard theirs, and has made a life-long friend.  That’s my Ted.  I do love that man. 

We never cook when he makes a trip to the Pony.  He orders a pizza from 3 Brothers Sarducci, which is across the street from the Chippewa,  and hauls it up the hill for supper.  We give them an A+ on their pepperoni pizza!

5:00 p.m. – Time for Maddie and Bear’s last long walk of the day.  We step outside, and OMGosh, the rain has stopped!!  I let Bear off his leash in the big front yard, and he ran around like a crazy dog for the first time in two days.  Of course he got drenched in the wet grass, but he sure did work off some energy.  There were a lot of horses in the corral, so I took the dogs back home and walked back over there with the camera.  These are some of the best cared for horses in the world.  Their stalls are mucked out twice a day, they always have fresh hay and a superior diet.  The corral is bulldozed (yes, with a REAL bulldozer on the island for that express purpose) on a regular basis, and new dirt is brought in so they are never in a muddy, dirty corral.  The whole process is amazing, and I have got to learn more about it.

Fresh hay after a hard day of pulling wagon, drays, carriages, and buggies.

Fresh hay after a hard day of pulling wagons, drays, and carriages.


The horses are beginning to lose their winter coats and look a little wooly right now.  Soon they will be sleek and shiny.

The horses are beginning to lose their winter coats and look a little wooly right now. Soon they will be sleek and shiny.

"Would you like me to come watch YOU eat?"

"Would you like me to come watch YOU eat?"

6:49 p.m. – That’s a typical day of housecleaning on Mackinac.  Ted just called.  He is on his way up the hill with pizza.  Wait, wait . . . OMGosh! Sunshine just broke through the clouds for the first time in three days.  Yeeaaahhhhhh!


View from the Deck

Wrecker Service - Mackinac Island style.

Wrecker Service - Mackinac Island style


5 thoughts on “Company’s coming! . . . . . (5/29/09)

  1. I`m starting to love your yellow bathroom since you`ve added some blue and white to it, and I giggled out loud at Ted in Wal mart trying to exchange a lamp shade. I can picture him in my mind saying “Now Baby, don`t you think this one will do?” I love your man too.

  2. You actually had to clean? I thought all you’d need to do was throw some pixie dust, and your Mackinac Island magic would do the rest! Sounds like you’re on ready for your guests. Have a wonderful time!

  3. This to answere Roe`s question, There`s probably not any water mocossons or chip munks for Mattie to take down. But then again, that little girl will tackle anything.

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