puff, puff, puff . . . puff, puff. . . puff . . . (5/23/09)

Today has been a beautiful, cool spring day on Mackinac Island.  In Michigan’s upper peninsula, this kind of day seems to continue throughout spring, into summer, and through most of September.  After that – wham!  It’s fall, followed closely by more winter than you would ever want to experience (according to the locals). 

We have not seen a snowfall yet – but I sure want to.   Ted is not excited about that at all.  He had to shovel snow his entire boyhood, so he says he wants no part of it.  Me?  I just think it would be terribly romantic – snowed in, a fireplace (which we don’t have), a good book (we have lots of those), coziness, great meals, the dogs at your feet – I mean really, who could ask for anything better than that?  (Ted just asked me who was going to be mushing through the ice and snow to town to bring up the wood for the fireplace we don’t have and the food for those great meals I was going to cook when the electricity goes out.)  Like I said, he’s not real excited about winter up here.

Ted went into town this morning and got a few things for supper.  We still have not made the trip back to the mainland to Walmart for the BIG grocery shopping event.  We will probably have to break down and do that next week before the first visitors arrive.  Anyway, he forgot a few things so I rode back down this afternoon.  It was my first time on the bike up here this year – I had no trouble at all going down that hill. 

As I got to the bottom of the 2nd rise, I passed a group of horseback riders coming up.  You can rent saddle horses by the hour on the island, and if you don’t feel comfortable enough to take them out alone, a guide will ride with you.  That’s Lake Huron you are seeing through the trees.


My first stop was the post office.  Mail is not delivered on the island to anyone – even the mayor.  Everyone has a post office box, so everyone who lives on the island goes there at least once a day to pick up or send mail, or just to see who else is there doing the same thing.  Lots of business takes place outside that place.  That’s my bike sitting outside and a view of the fort from standing out in the street in front of the post office (make sure you look both ways for horses and bikes before you do that – AND watch where you put your feet).



Next on my list of stops was the bank.  I pulled up right as a dray driver stopped to run inside.  These two big boys stood patiently outside waiting for him to return.IMG_0414

I stopped at Doud’s (the small grocery store on the island) and picked up the few things Ted had forgotten and the items we had added to the list;  then began the long, steep trip home.

I won’t even PRETEND that I made it without stopping 22 times.  I actually stopped 6 times (I tend to exaggerate).  I pushed the bike the last hill and a half.  You have to remember though that there was a bottle of water, some cheese, two baking potatoes, some sour cream, and 5 lbs. of sugar in my bike basket.  I’m claiming my filled basket was the reason for my 22 stops.  I called Dawn, a friend back in Georgia, on my way up the hill (she and husband Stevie are coming up in August), and she had to listen to me hyperventilating.  I think she immediately went out and joined a gym.

My plan was to spend the rest of the afternoon on the deck watching people walk up the hill.  Bear put an end to that by bringing his tennis ball outside and looking forlornly out into the yard like, ” Gee, I wish someone loved me enough to go throw my ball for me.”  Guess I’ll go throw the ball for Bear.


View from the Deck

One of the many private carriage tours that carry tourists on a 2-hour trip throughout the island.  One of the best ways to see everything in a short time - well, not everything, but all the touristy spots.

One of the many private carriage tours that carry tourists on a 2-hour trip throughout the island. One of the best ways to see everything in a short time - well, not everything, but all the touristy spots.



4 thoughts on “puff, puff, puff . . . puff, puff. . . puff . . . (5/23/09)

  1. I have a solution for you fireplace dilemma. You don’t need wood, you don’t even need gas. Buy an electric fireplace, or a Sunjel fireplace and you’re set. Warmth, ambiance, the whole ballgame!!!

  2. The pictures continue to be absolutely stunning! And your entry titles are a hoot! Sounds like you are socked in for the season. And your “deck photo shots” are a real treat. But, it begs the question——do ya’ll have any birds? Where are the feeders?

  3. Now talk about a bibycle seat; I love that one. you`ll have to make sure Dawn has one like that when they come up. And Samille is not thinking clearly about the electric fireplace, becouse when you`re snowed in with no electricity where1s the aumbuance to that. Loving all your pictures and I heard about the puffing going up the hill.

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