Wait a minute – THIS doesn’t seem right! (5/22/09)

What’s going ON?  It’s 9:15 a.m. on Mackinac Island, and the temperature is 70!  I just checked the Weather Channel, and the temperature at home on Lake Blackshear in Georgia is 67!  Whassup?  Wait . . . . . . the 10-day forecast for back home has a high of 86 and a low of 67.  The 10-day up here has a high of 70 and a low of 45.  Whew!  I was beginning to think that inhaling the sweet perfume of horse poop for 3 days had shifted the planet or something.

Late yesterday afternoon Laurie (3 doors down in our building-from Ohio) had called the dray to come pick up some furniture she was giving away.  She and husband Matt and three teen-age daughters have just bought the other 1/2 ownership of their condo from friends of theirs, so now they are the sole owners.  Of course, being a woman, Laurie wants to “redo”.  Ted saw the dray driver trying to struggle down the walkway with a headboard, so he pitched in and helped load the dray with headboards, mattresses, chairs, dressers, etc. (all this with his bum leg).  I went down and helped carry bed linens to the dray and brought home two wicker end tables that she had been about to give away.  Love those dray “giveaways”!

When we got back home, having acquired two new pieces of furniture, I felt like it was an excellent time to change all the furniture around in the living room.  Of course, Ted was EXTREMELY willing to help, especially when I reminded him that he had just voluntarily moved furniture for Laurie (do I know how to operate or what?)  So now everything is in a different spot in our den, and even Ted likes it better.  Feels more like “home”.

Right now Ted is the only male in the two buildings of condos (well, except for Tom, who is 97).  He is being called upon to act as friend and buddy and handyman by all these “single” ladies, and I must say he is enjoying the heck out of it.  IMG_0377Laurie went with us downtown for supper tonight.  Judy (another condo owner- from Arizona) was going also, but she had shopped all day on the mainland and was too tired.  It was raining so we called a taxi.    Having Laurie along tonight gave us the opportunity to have our picture taken together – something that hardly ever happens.



As we passed the Grand Hotel, I couldn’t help but notice that all those tulips that had just started blooming when we arrived on Monday were now in full blossom.  They WERE breathtaking, planted in rows of different colors and standing up against the stark white of the Grand.  I heard yesterday that after they bloom and are dug up, you can go by the Grand’s greenhouse and pick up as many bulbs as you like.  The Grand has “gone green”.



IMG_0391The streets downtown were really quiet this evening.  That warm temperature this morning had given way to strong winds this afternoon, followed by rain showers.  We went to our favorite hang-out, The Pink Pony, for a drink, then on to the Village Inn for dinner.  Smoked whitefish dip and fried yellow perch appetizers!  We had been hungry for those two items for a long time, and they were worth the wait.  We all ordered something different for dinner and left stuffed.  Instead of calling another taxi, we opted to walk home to help with all the calories we had just consumed. 

 As we walked up past the school, the sun was going down and cast a beautiful glow on the Mackinac Bridge.IMG_0395

Ted and I talked again about the strange difference here in when the sun goes down and when it gets dark.  The bridge picture was taken around 9:20 p.m., and the next picture was taken at 9:30 as we started up the last rise to the condo.  In the middle of summer, it will still be light at 10:00, and the fireworks on the 4th of July won’t start until almost 11:00.


 It’s really been a nice day here.  We accomplished a lot, and we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on “settling in”.  The unpacking is done, and we will spend the next few days giving the place a really good cleaning in preparation for our first guests next week.   Now the inn is TRULY open!

As of today, I am starting a new feature at the end of each post (for as long as I can find something interesting to add to it).  I’m going to try and take a picture from our deck of something that is uniquely Mackinac Island – something that you wouldn’t normally see from a deck back in the real world.  Here’s the first one.

The View from the Deck

Another horse straight off the ferry and heading for the stables up the street several blocks behind our condo

A horse, straight off the ferry, being led to one of the island stables


4 thoughts on “Wait a minute – THIS doesn’t seem right! (5/22/09)

  1. I want some bulbs, too!!Puleeeze! Could you stick a few in a mailer, and I’ll be glad to reimberse you on the postage. I have a little “bulb” garden here – mostly stuff I dug up from Albany when we left. I’d love to add a Bree/Ted/Mackinac tulip or four or five or ten!!

    This may be one post you regret,Brenda. Because I’m going to nag you daily until your brain solidifies again, and you can think for yourself!

  2. My brain will remain an eternal “slushie.” Which is better than Buzz who claims he has only one brain cell – and it is probably pickled, by now! Thak you, ,thank you, thank you for doing some homework.
    I know there’s a method in your madness…….we have to come up and get them, right?

  3. The tulips will take your breat away, they are georgious. And how right you are, you certainly want see a horse being led up the hill from your deck in the real world. Maybe a fisherman or somebody pulling a raft from a pontoon. The sunset pictures are beautiful.

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