Ok – even paradise can have an occasional bad day 5/20/09

I know nobody wants to listen to me complain.  I mean, here I am in my own little Eden planning a great summer with family and friends – what do I have to complain about?  I’m so glad you asked.

Because I wanted to keep everything positive yesterday, I only talked about the good stuff on our first day back on Mackinac.  And I could tell you a lot of good stuff that happened today – but there was a lot more bad stuff and that is real life, and by George when it happens, I’m going to write about it.

When we left the island in October last year we had contracted to have our bedroom & bath, the downstairs guest bedroom & bath, and the kitchen cabinets painted.  When we bought the condo, the former owner (who must have been channeling Queen Victoria) had wallpapered both downstairs bedrooms and baths in flowers.  I don’t mean a subtle little print, I mean FLOWERS!!  Huge pink and yellow roses adorned the walls below the chair rail and (sit down for this) the CEILING!  Hideous does not begin to describe it.  I had bought new bedspreads and shams last summer, picked out a lovely shade of yellow to paint our bedroom and bathroom walls (after the wallpaper was removed), and was having the guest bed/bath wallpaper removed and the walls in there painted the same color as the rest of the condo (beige).  We were having the kitchen cabinets painted white.  So anyway, all this took place over the winter.  The painters came in and did their job, sent us pictures of what they had done (which looked fine), and sent us a bill.  We paid it. 

Two weeks ago we also contacted the fire chief on the island and asked him to come clean our carpet (during the winter on the island, year-round residents do a lot of things to stay busy, and the fire chief cleans carpets).  He said he would take care of it a few days before we arrived – unless there was a fire.

We were so excited to get here yesterday.  Then we walked in the door and walked up the first flight of stairs to where the kitchen, den, master and guest bed/bath are. 

See if you can picture this.  The kitchen counter is covered in plastic on which sit 8 cans of paint.  The wallpaper has been stripped, which means in our case that the walls had to be sanded before they could be painted.  Man, were that sanded!  In both bedrooms and bathrooms, everything was covered in an inch of fine, gritty, grimey, grainey white powder.   The bedspreads (thank goodness I had not put the new ones on yet), the furniture, the window treatments, the baseboard heating units – everything – COVERED in this gunk.

But that was not the worst – oh no.  Gunk can be cleaned up.  The worst was the yellow “glow in the dark” master bedroom and bath walls.  How my pale yellow turned into highliter day-glo yellow is beyond me.  The pictures the painter sent must have been airbrushed.  If you put on sunglasses when you enter, you can almost endure it. – almost.

Besides all that, today we have had to have the plumber in to install new faucets in two sinks and fix two leaks under sinks.

what it looks like airburshed
What it looks like airburshed
what it REALLY looks like
What it REALLY looks like


Boy, I feel so much better getting all THAT off my chest!

Here’s some GOOD stuff that happened.  There was no fire, so the carpet DID get cleaned last week.  Another friend from last summer (who lives in Shaker Heights, Ohio) and owns the condo a few doors down, arrived for a week.  She and her three children (all teen-agers) will be here most of the summer after school is out (her husband will also be here off and on).  All eight of those boxes we mailed up here arrived today, and the contents of only one looked like a giant had used it as a football.  Everything in that box was broken (but it was insured-see GOOD stuff).  Bear threw up, but he did it on the hardwood floor in the kitchen, not the clean carpet.  AND, the white cabinets in the kitchen look great!

I’m attaching a couple of pictures to show you the difference between the views from our deck now and at the end of last June.  In the first one, today’s view, you can see the bare trees and a lot more water than we have ever been able to see from the condo.  If I could tell you where to look without it taking 200 words, I could show you in the same picture the horse corral where we’ve been able today to watch the horses feed and run and play from the deck (you can also see that it has been a rainy day).  In the second picture (last June), you can’t see as much water, the horse corral is completely covered by tree leaves, and the lilacs are in full bloom.  What a difference a month will make!










IMG_0312I thought you might get a kick out of this also.  I heard some talking outside this afternoon and walked out on the deck to check it out.  It was the UPS man making his delivery to one of our neighbors.  See, I told you it was all done with horse and buggy (or in this case, horse and dray).  Pretty cool, huh?

So I will close out today’s post by apologizing for my former brattiness and think about what a great day tomorrow will be!

P.S.  Maybe not – Ted just went to take a shower, and there is no hot water . . . . . THAT doesn’t sound good.


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