It’s a small world, after all . . . . (5/15/09)

cannonOne really neat feature of blogging is being able to go into the “stats” of your account and see how many folks have visited your blog each day, and in some cases how they found you (through other blogs, through twitter, through search engines, etc.).  This week I received a comment from a lady who said that she was looking forward to following our summer on the island through my blog.  She said she lived part-time in Florida and part-time in Mackinac City (you take the ferry from Mackinac City to come to the island) and that she sometimes worked at the island fort store.  She left her name, and something “clicked” in my brain.

  fort2I pulled out my address book from last summer and looked up the fort, and there next to the Sutter’s Store info was this lady’s name.  I would go to the fort on shopping trips last summer looking for this and that for the condo.  They carry EVERYTHING – decorative items, bed linens, books, toys, etc.  Anyway, I was in there a lot, and this lady was always so helpful.  She went WAY beyond customer service in helping me find what I was looking for, even calling the other fort in Mackinac City to see if they carried something I was looking for.  She was soooo nice!  And here she was, commenting on my blog, having no idea who I was. 

Long story short, I emailed her, and she was just as shocked as I was!  She was so kind and said that my blog has inspired her to do one of her own about living in Michigan.  She and her husband came to the island for the first time in 1970 on their honeymoon, and the magic of the island captured her heart. 

We’ve made plans to meet at the fort teatroom one day soon for lunch.  It really is a small world, isn’t it?


P.S.  She has two dogs also and suggested that we bring one dog each with us to lunch (on the island there are a lot of eateries that are pet friendly if you can eat outside).  How fun is that!


4 thoughts on “It’s a small world, after all . . . . (5/15/09)

  1. Thank you for the kind words and yes, you were my favorite guest last summer. I was so excited for you as you realized your dream of living on the island. I have 5 days off to enjoy our spot here at the tip of the mitt. See you soon. We are still praying for your safe travels.

  2. Brenda, I can hear the excitement and anticipation in your writing, I`m a little excited for you and a lot sad that ya`ll will be leaving us for the next 5 or 6 months. But it looks like you`ve found a really good friend on the island in Chris Ann. Our love and best wishes to you and Teddy and our prayers that you will have a safe trip and no more truck disasters.

  3. Brenda (and Ted)…. we are really going to miss you two at the river. I know you are excited about the summer, the island, and all the new experiences, but y’all are leaving a big “VOID” here! (I am certainly not trying to make you feel guilty?). I hope y’all have a safe trip to the north, and that the summer will hold all the magic you are hoping for. I will be looking forward to reading your blog everyday, so DO NOT SKIP!!!! Love you….Samille

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