We are so blessed (5/12/09)

It’s hard to explain how I feel about leaving one home that I love dearly and traveling 1100 miles to another home that I also love.  To split your life between two regions of the country that are so opposite from each other takes some adjustment on both ends, and I admit that getting acclimated to the island takes a lot longer than when we come home to the lake.  But, which one is “home”?  I can honestly say they both are.



Sunday our minister, of course, was talking about mothers, but another topic was “home”.  It’s not a physical place, he said, it’s where your family is.  That is so true for us.  The majority of the time – at both homes – family means Ted and I.  The children come to both homes as often as they can and, I think, enjoy them both equally.  We have tried our best to make both homes as comfortable and relaxing as we can make them for anyone who visits (and for us).  Neither is luxurious by any measure.  They are both places where you can put your feet up, sit your glass down without a coaster, invite your dog to jump onto the coach with you, and sit around in your p.j.’s all day if that is your pleasure.  In our retirement, all of these things make Ted and I happy on a daily basis, and they make our children happy when they visit because each place is a refuge from the chaotic worlds that they live in with work. 

tailgate2So, Saturday we will load up and leave one home and start toward another.  We will miss the lake, the boat, our favorite chairs.  But, most of all, we will miss our friends.  They are the one piece of the lake home that can’t be reproduced up north.  We have a whole different set of friends there, which is kinda cool, but different in that we have not known them for years and years.  They don’t know our life stories, like our friends here do, and we don’t know theirs.  We don’t feel comfortable yet telling them all our secret stories.  There are no secrets here on the lake. 

We thank the good Lord every day for the special life he is allowing us to live – I hope we are pleasing Him in the way we are living it.

I guess that is enough reflection for one day.  Ted is beginning to feel the pressure of packing, which I have been doing for two weeks already.  Of course, he is just packing for himself – and if he has two pairs of shorts, two t-shirts, two pairs of khaki pants and some underwear, he is ready for all things.  It’s a little more complicated for me.

P.S. to yesterday’s post: Bear had lost almost 3 more lbs.  That’s 7 down, 11 to go.  Do they have a “Dogs’ Biggest Losers” TV show?  We are THERE!


2 thoughts on “We are so blessed (5/12/09)

  1. Your post sounds introspective today. Maybe just a little tug of angst at leaving the lake? Still, there’s nothing better than “coming home.” And you get it in both directions.

  2. Brenda, I am on the verg of bursting out in tears, we will all miss you and Ted so bad, but I know how much you both love the island, so that makes it a little more bearable to know we want see you for so long. May God bless you two and Bear”,who is looking great by the way”, and Mattie on your ventures on the next steps of your journey up north.
    Love to you both,

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