Why Michigan? (5/9/09)

Ted and I have just finished loading the SportsTrac in a dry run for next Saturday’s “real thing”.  I wanted to try and stuff every possible bag and box in there that I might even be THINKING about taking – that way, if there were fewer boxes or fewer bags, there would be more room than we thought we would have, and that would be a good thing.  We did pretty good. 


We packed two huge suitcases (the kind you have to pay extra for at the airport), one large suitcase, two carry-on type suitcases, one bag of shoes, one bag of books, one plastic container with 30 lbs. of dogfood, another 30-lb bag of dogfood (that will get us through June), two boxes of bathroom faucets, one bag to put cold stuff in, and two boxes I thought I would have to ship (that still leaves shipping two more boxes plus 4 framed pictures).  In the back of the SportsTrac with the seats folded down, we will put two more carry-on bags and one very large golden retriever (Bear).  Bear can travel with very little space as long as he can put his head directly in front of the rear seat air conditioning vent.  Maddie, our miniature dachshund, will ride the entire 1120 miles on top of her cushy bed in my lap. 


As we unloaded all this stuff and brought it back in the house and as I wiped about three gallons of perspiration (that’s southern for sweat) from my face, I was reminded once again of why we travel those 1120 miles every summer.  Today is May 9 and it is supposed to be in the lower 90’s.  Can you imagine what June, July, and August will be like?  When we get to Michigan on May 18, it is supposed to be 61.  Do you know what the average July 1 temp is for Lake Blackshear, Georgia – 97.  Do you know what the same day’s average temp is on Mackinac Island – 76.  Need I say more?

The first year that we went to the island and I had to go back to the hotel and get a sweater AND a jacket to go watch fireworks on July 4th, I knew I had found my place.  I HATE to sweat – and believe me I do not “glisten” as southern ladies are supposed to do – I SWEAT – I mean it pours off me in sheets.  It is horrible!  Imagine my delight in finding a place where even if you are going on a 2-hour bike ride in the middle of the day, you have to take a sweater in case you stop in the shade somewhere.  Love It!!

Of course, the cool temperatures are only one reason we love the island so much.  There are many more, and I will tell you about all of them as the summer rolls along.  By October, you will swear you have been there yourself!


One thought on “Why Michigan? (5/9/09)

  1. Just read the entire blog and enjoyed every word . . . look forward to reading more as the summer progresses. I really hope to make the trip someday. Thanks for sharing your excitement about this very special place. Happy Mother’s Day! Luv U, Cuz!

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