OMGosh! What a week! (5/08/09)

For any of you out there who have never experienced a computer meltdown, let me just tell you something – it STINKS!  I was right in the middle of a Skype videocall with my son in China last Sunday, and BAM! – the screen goes all pixel-lated (is that a word?), then goes black.  Needless to say I did what any sane person would do at that point – I freaked out!

Here’s a shortened version of what happened next:  I took my laptop to Albany and the computer store ordered a motherboard express delivery; they called this morning and told me it was ready.  I sent my husband on a special trip to Albany to pick it up, only to have it NOT WORK when he got it home.  BACK to Albany late this afternoon (me this time), where I spent 2 hours in the computer store while they worked on it some more.  I brought it back home at 7:30 tonight, plugged it in and it DID NOT WORK.  I called the computer store (which thankfully stays open until 8:30 on Fridays), causing two computer geeks to scream at each other and finally tell me they would send out a technician TO MY HOUSE on Monday morning FREE OF CHARGE.  That’s an hour drive both ways.  I said thank you very much and hung up.  Then I turned off the computer, waited five minutes, turned it on again, and it has been working ever since.  Do you think I am going to cancel that FREE service call to my house – no way Jose’ – well, not unless it doesn’t give me any more trouble all weekend.

The Kentucky Derby Party was a huge success, and the hat contest was outrageous!  When I got there and saw what some of the ladies had come up with, I said , “Forget it,” and sat it out.  Here’s a pic of some of the most spectacular (the lady in orange in the middle with the feathers in her hat won the grand prize).


Now it’s time to get down to some serious travel plans.  A week ago we thought we’d be leaving on Sunday, the 17th.  That has changed to Saturday, the 16th because we decided to go to Atlanta on Saturday and spend the night with Jason & Blair.  We will leave from there early Sunday morning and already be 3 hours ahead of what we would have been leaving from our house.

And that catches you up on what’s been happening around here.  Tomorrow we are going to do a dry run on packing the truck to see how much we will have to ship ahead.  My lobby for the U-Haul didn’t pan out (what a surprise!).


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