It’s Kentucky Derby Day (5/2/09)

So I rolled out of bed this morning and guess what!  My old muscles screamed, “Don’t wait a month before you train again!”  But what am I planning to do today – not train! 

The Kentucky Derby runs today, and we have a party to go to at Samille and Ralph’s.  Complete with a fancy hat contest.  I normally go all out and decorate my own hat for this occasion, but this year I confess to just buying one.  It’s all for fun anyway.  I actually won the contest the year I perched a bird on my hat that would chirp if you waved your hand in front of it.  I think I won for having the first ever “sound effect” hat.

I am making mint julep brownies to take to the party (how “derby” can you get?).  I had to go into a liquor store yesterday and ask for the smallest bottle of bourbon they had.  I only needed 2 tablespoons for my recipe, and we don’t drink bourbon.  I bought one of those “airline” bottles of Jim Bean for two bucks – a bargain!

Preparing for the party has started me thinking about all the things that I will miss here at the lake this summer.  At the top of the list are our good friends – Samille  & Ralph, Sally & Ed, Dawn & Stevie, MariAnne & Cecil, Lisa & Dan, Becky & Larry, Deb & Mark, Lisa & Jeff, Sue & Charlie, Renae & Joe, Sandi, Gary, Tommy, Lynn, Kay & Joe, John, the list goes on and I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, so please forgive.  The point is that Ted and I are so blessed.  These  are all friends who would do anything in the world for you (without you asking), and friends like that all hard to come by these days.  A lot of them are planning to visit us this summer so that will make it easier, and thank goodness through the internet we can all still reach out and touch each other.

Another thing we’ll miss is having the children and grandchildren come for a visit. 


Jordan & Matthew love to kayak with their granddaddy at the lake, and Matthew loves to fish.  But Ted is planning on buying a kayak on the island this summer, so maybe they will still get to enjoy that with him when they come up.



What I won’t be missing is the heat and humidity.  By the middle of June through the end of September it is just too hot to enjoy being outside.  Even out on the boat on the river – unless you are traveling fast enough to stir up a breeze -you can’t enjoy it.  Just too hot.  And I’m too old to worry about “getting a tan” (a diagnosis 2 years ago of skin cancer on my leg took care of that – removed and cured, thank you Lord).  So the tan now comes out of a bottle and from just being outside walking or biking or working in the yard while covered with sun block.  You’d be amazed how rosy you can get without slathering on baby oil and doing a slow roast on a beach towel.

OK – gotta go make those brownies – I wonder if adding a little extra bourbon will help that recipe – hate to waste that $2.00!


2 thoughts on “It’s Kentucky Derby Day (5/2/09)

  1. I caught up on all your posts today, too. And they are all great! I know how much you two are looking forward to getting up there. Continue keeping everyone updated! Great job…and I see you figured out how to upload photos 🙂

  2. I love this blog Brenda! You are so computer swaavee (I don’t know how to spell that word). Anyway, we enjoyed having you and Ted and the whole crew again for the Derby Party. It was fun, wasn’t it? And all the food… Lordy! I’m saving my mint julep brownies to have with coffee in the morning since I don’t eat sweets with drinks, so I’ll have a good morning tomorrow! We certainly are going to miss you and Ted this summer, what will we do? Menage’ what?

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