Back in training (5/1/09)

Ted and I decided this morning that we HAD to get back in training for living on a non-motorized island.  img_bikeWe did so well for the first few months after we returned home – alternating biking and kayaking and throwing in some weight training a couple of times a week. But we have been sick for three weeks, and it feels like our bodies have digressed about two years.

So this morning we got up with “working out” on our brains.  In order to do that before it gets so hot, we started out with a 2-mile walk with the dogs at about 9 a.m.  In case you don’t know about south Georgia in May, please let me enlighten you.  It is already hitting the 90’s by noon, the humidity is 100%, and the mosquitoes have obviously been breeding all winter and supplementing their diets with steroids.  We figure we used up at least 200 more calories just swatting the annoying  pests.

After putting the dogs back in the house, we got the bikes out and rode 12 miles.  I know this because my husband is a NUT about measuring stuff, and he has an odometer that tells how far we ride.  Now Ted is in much better shape than I am, so he probably rode 14 miles because he  rides far ahead of me, then turns around and comes back to meet me.  He does this several times, so he rides further.  I don’t care because I am NOT a competitive person.  I just want to get it over with.

So now we are back home – sweaty, tired and so hungry we could eat dirt.  But we do feel better and the ride wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be after not riding for so long.

We decided that a 12 mile a day ride AND some weight training would be a good idea until we leave on May 17.  If we can get the kayaks in the water a morning or two, that will be good also. 

We already have bikes up there and plan to buy a couple more so guests don’t have to rent them.  The island police department has a sale in May where all the bikes that are abandoned on the island at the end of the season are auctioned off at ridiculously low prices.  It is a great place to pick up a nice bike. 

Going to rest now.


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