Mackinac Island Favs (4/29/09)

I’ve been really lazy today.  Ted is out of town, and instead of working on my “to do” list, I have been daydreaming about all the great places to eat on the island.  Even though we will be there almost six months and will do most of our eating at our condo, the variety of first class restaurants on the island is amazing, and we will eat breakfast, lunch, or  dinner out a few times a week.

For laid back dining, there is no better place than the back patio at the Chippewa Hotel – a great place for lunch right on the water where you can watch the boats come in and out of the marina. The grilled panini and just their plain ole hamburger are both to die for. Of course, a visit to the Pink Pony Bar at the Chippewa is a must (more on that when we get to the island).  The “Chip” also has a formal (I use the word loosely because casual clothes are definitely ok) dining room, and the meals there are top-notch – my favorite is their whitefish.  Can’t wait to see what the chef has come up with this

For really up-town dining, we have two favorites – the Carriage House at the Iroquis Hotel and The Woods.  Again, the Carriage House is right on the water, and the adventure of GETTING to The Woods which is (guess what!) in the woods is  a blast.  The Woods has its own one lane bowling alley where you set up your own pins – the grandkids (and their parents) love it!img_bowling1

When we eat at home, we usually stroll into town for ice cream – hey, by the time you hoof it up and down that hill, you can eat three scoops with no guilt!img_icecream1

Gotta go make supper – all this talk about food has made me really hungry!


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