A little about the Horton clan (4/28/09)

47b8df27b3127cce98549b65037a00000015108aznxlvy3zny1It occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t formally introduced the Horton clan when I began this blog – just dove right into the Mackinac Island living part.  When we are not on the island, Ted and I live on Lake Blackshear in south Georgia. 

 We have two four-legged children who live with us – Maddie, a miniature dachshund who rules the house and Bear, a golden retriever.  47b8ce10b3127cce98549b6299bf00000055108aznxlvy3zny1

Our two-legged children are grown and live literally all over the world.  We have a daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren (Jordan and Matthew who are, of course, the most beautiful, well behaved, and smartest children in all the world)  who live in Arkansas, a son and his wife in Atlanta, and another son who lives in China.  The biggest logistical nightmare we face every year is getting this brood all to the island at the same time for at least a few days each summer.  We actually did it last year, and we are working steadily toward it happening again this year.  Blake, who lives in China, is home for six weeks each summer, and when he’s home he has about sixty dozen family members who, of course, want to see him.  But I think he will manage two weeks at least with us this summer.  Julie (Arkansas) and the grands will come up for ten days and her husband Matt will fly up for a long weekend.  Jason and Blair (Atlanta) will fly up sometime during the period when all the others are there.  It will be a full house, and we can’t wait.  We have so much fun when they are all there!

We also have a rapidly filling calendar of friends and other relatives who are booking rooms at the condo this summer.  Everyone gave us last summer to move in and get settled, but this year I think we won’t be hurting for company.  We love sharing the island with everyone who comes up – I especially love showing it to people who have never been before.  As long as Ted and I have been going, we know all the secret, non-touristy places that are really what the island is all about.  You have to get past the fudge shops and the horse poop.

I still can’t believe we will be up there in less than three weeks!  Yeahhhh!!!


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