Health perks (4/27/09)

One of the best perks of Mackinac Island living is that if you want to go somewhere (grocery store, drug store, post office, vet’s office, restaurant, etc.), you don’t hop in your car and drive there.  You WALK, or RIDE YOUR BIKE!  Yep, no backing your car out of the driveway to the mailbox.  In our case to do any of those things, we  grab our bike (complete with basket), jump on and ride down a very long hill into town where we dodge other bikers, horse-drawn carriages, and (horrors!) tourists on bicycles and on foot who have no idea that on Mackinac Island HORSES have the right of way!  To get back home, we have to ride back UP that very same big hill.  That is one of my goals this year – to be able to ride the whole way up that hill without a rest stop.  Never did it last year – Ted did, but I didn’t.  I’m a wimp.

What does all of this action do for your health?  It IMPROVES it!!!  Last year when we got home and I went to my doctor for a 6-month checkup, his exact words were “whatever you are doing, keep doing it”.  My cholesterol was down, my blood pressure was down, my WEIGHT was down 8 lbs.  Oh my gosh!!!  And that is after three months on an island where there are fudge shops on every corner!!  The point is you have to move your body to do anything or go anywhere.  You have no choice.  And it’s great for your health. 

I bring all this up today because I just had my 6-months checkup today after being home to the land of the car for 6 months.  Blood pressure was still ok – but the weight had come back – 4 lbs of it anyway.  Oh well, in less than three weeks, I will be back to moving, moving, moving without the aid of gasoline.  Can’t wait!!!


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